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Biathlon is a relatively new sport at Union High. Our first competitors started in 2016.

Biathlon is a multi-sport discipline which involves running and swimming over various distances for different age groups. This is a great family sport where the young and older athletics are competing against the clock in different age groups.  These two disciplines take place at different times on the same day. The running takes place first and the swim follows. Times are recorded for each athlete and points are allocated according to times recorded. The ideal is to achieve a combined score of at least 2000 points.

From league events, Provincial teams are selected to compete at Inter-Provincial events and the SA Championships at the end of the season.

Results 2017 / 18

Date Fixture
28 October Eastern Province Inter-Provincial Biathlon
Candice Russell (4th in girls under 19)
Sanja du Plessis (7th in girls under 19)
Cameron Muir (2nd in boys under 19)
Micela Loock (8th in girls under 17)
Jenna McNaughton (5th in girls under 17).
18 October  Eastern Province Biathlon – League Event
small group of Union biathletes competed in the third EP Biathlon League event in Port Elizabeth. They had mixed results, with some improving on either their running time or their swimming time. Candice Russell improved on her total points. The results were:
U/17 Girls : Jenna McNaughton – 6th (1843)
Amanda Brink – 7th (1606)
U/19 Girls : Candice Russell – 2nd (2033)
Sanja du Plessis – 5th (1821)
U/15 Boys : Corniel Vorster – 3rd (962)
U/19 Boys : VC Beldon – 2nd (1463)
Ben Kroon – 3rd (1361)
Unfortunately Cameron Muir and Micela Loock withdrew due to illness.
The following learners have been selected to represent Eastern Province in an Inter-Provincial meeting taking place in Port Elizabeth on the 28th of October:
Micela Loock – EP ‘A’ – Girls U/17
Jenna McNaughton – EP ‘B’ – Girls U/17
Candice Russell – EP ‘A’ – Girls U/19
Sanja du Plessis – P ‘B’ – Girls U/19
Cameron Muir – EP ‘A’ – Boys U/19
Best of luck to these learners
7 October Eastern Province Biathlon – League Event
On the 7th of October VC Beldon (left) and Cameron Muir (right) took part in an inter-provincial biathlon held in Bloemfontein. It consisted of a 2km run and 100m swim, with certain benchmark time that the run and swim needed to be done in. Despite the wet weather, the results from the boys were very pleasing. Congratulations to Cameron Muir, who was placed second and VC Beldon fourth.
16 September Eastern Province Biathlon – League Event
A group of 9 Union biathletes competed in an Eastern Province league event in Port Elizabeth on Saturday.
Biathlon Results – EP League 2 – 16 September 2017
Boys U/15 – Corniel Vorster – 9th (1570)
Boys U/19 – Ben Kroon – 6th (1375)
VC Beldon – 5th (1603)
Cameron Muir – 1st (2025)
Girls U/17 – Jenna McNaughton – 4th (1859)
Micela Loock – 2nd (2007)
Girls U/19 – Sanja du Plessis - 3rd (1851)
Candice Russell – 2nd (2025)
21 February EP Championships
Gerrit Brink received a silver medal in the Boys Under 19 category, Cameron Muir received silver in the Boys Under 17 category, Candice Russel received silver and Micela Loock bronze in the Girls Under 17 category.
Union High is currently placed 6th out of the 16 schools that are part of the EP Biathlon School League
4 February Highgate Inter-Provincial - Oudtshoorn
Athletes represented EP:
U/19 Gerrit Brink
U/17 Cameron Muir & Micela Loock
21 January League 4
U/19 Boys- Gerrit Brink 2nd 1996 points
U/17 Boys- Cameron Muir 1st 2158 points;  Michael Krige 13th 1651 points
U/17 Girls- Candice Russell 2nd 1942 points;  Micela Loock 3rd 1851 points
U/13 Boys- Corniel Vorster 10th 1621 points
3 October League 3
U/19 Boys- Ross Stanley 1st 1798 points
U/17 Boys- Cameron Muir 1st 2127 points
1 October Southern Free State Inter-Provincial - Bloemfontein 
Athletes represented EP:
U/17 Gerrit Brink
U/15 Mack Rubidge
U/13 Corniel Vorster & Philip Kroon
17 September League 2
U/19 Boys Gerrit Brink - 1st 1911 points;  Ross Stanley - 2nd 1827 points
U/17 Boys Cameron Muir - 1st 2117 points;  Michael Krige - 9th 1750 points
U/17 Girls Candice Russell – 3rd 1957 points;  Rebecca Langmead – 5th 1871 points
Amanda Brink - 6th 1516 points
U/13 Boys Philip Kroon - 8th 1689 points;  Corniel Vorster - 11th 1634 points
U/13 Girls Kendall Krige – 10th 1709 points
3 September League 1
U/19 Boys Gerrit Brink – 2nd 1802 points
U/17 Girls Amanda Brink – 3rd 1441 points
U/15 Boys Mack Rubidge - 3rd 1677 points