Union High School

Annual Production 2017


The well-loved story of the ants who worked through the summer collecting food while the grasshoppers were lazy, was brought to life this past week as Union High School’s Junior Department presented their biannual Musical. Seven weeks of hard work culminated in a delightful presentation of Disney’s adaption of this Fable. The cast of 146 children never left the hall during the 2 hour show, which provided an interactive platform for the show to be performed, often making the audience feel part of the scenes. The hall and stage was vibrant with music, movement and enthusiasm, resulting in a production in which fun and enjoyment by both cast and audience was the theme that ran throughout.

he production was competently led by Rachel Houseman as the narrator. The grade 5 and 6 learners were cast as ants, and the natural busy activity of this age lent a natural feel to their acting. The grade 7 learners also took easily to the characters of the mean grasshoppers and bugs. Because of the large number of characters in the story, a large number of the children had the chance to perform important roles, all of whom handled their parts with understanding and maturity.

The main character, Flik, was convincingly played by Ruzhe Hendricks, who tackled his role enthusiastically, cleverly grasping all aspects of Flik’s character. Another noteworthy performance came from Reagoboka Malope who played the villain, Hopper, with skill. The sweet voice of Princess Atta, played by Amber Binney as well as the voice of Barbara McNaughton who led a couple of the songs, showed much talent. The part of Princess Dot showcased the natural acting and singing talent of Brigette Oelofsen and the Queen and Ant Councilors were well cast. The eccentric collection of Circus Bugs were well depicted by their actors and actresses, although, in the end, the show was stolen by Junior Kedamile and Cassidy Goliad who provided a lot of the comic element with their antics as the Circus characters Tuck and Roll.

Another highlight of the show was ‘The Cup Song’ where 30 children accompanied the song with a rhythmic sequence of synchronized clapping and cup noises while depicting the building of a fake bird to scare off the grasshoppers.

Directed by Mrs Putter, the running of the show involved all the teachers of the Junior Department as well as a technical crew of learners from the High School. Most of the props, including eighty ‘seeds’, were made by the school’s Art Club facilitated and helped by Mrs Rose-Innes. Mrs Janet Kingwill once again gave of her time and experience to paint the backdrop and some of the other artwork.
Well done to the staff and children of Union High for another excellent production.