Friday, 24 August : Winter Sports and Service Awards Assembly & 2019 Prefect and RCL Induction Assembly
Tuesday, 27 August : Grade 12 Trial examinations commence (Provisional date)
4 September:  Formal Tests: Grade 5 - 11
23 - 27 September:  Grade 10 Odyssey
27 September:  Report collection
Friday, 28 September : School closes

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The 2018 annual Interschools clash between the Union Schools and Laer and Hoër Volkskool will once again be remembered as one where sport and good sportsmanship emerged the winner. From the start on Monday, on the rugby and hockey fields, as well as in the cultural activities spectators were entertained by the exceptional skill and ability of both schools, and the spirit in which the schools played the game.

Most of the junior sport was played on Friday in very wet and cold conditions. The 1st and 2nd Junior hockey teams played excellent hockey and delighted the crowd with their fine performances, with the 2nd team winning their match 2 – 0 and the 1st Juniors losing 0 - 2.

With beautiful sunny weather on Saturday, the crowds were once again blessed with a full day of tough matches. The 1st Team Hockey match was a match to remember with both teams playing aggressive and exciting hockey on the Union Astroturf. Union won this match 4 - 0. At the Botanics Sports Grounds, Union managed to win five of the 7 matches. Once again one of the most entertaining matches of the day, the 2nd Team match, which was dominated by Union and they managed to finish their unbeaten season winning that match 18 – 7.
All was set for the final match of the day.

Interschools is truly alive and well and we look forward to many more encounters in the future. It’s a week where the entire Graaff-Reinet community benefits. Graaff-Reinet is indeed privileged to have two wonderful schools that compete in this manner.

We would like to thank our main sponsor FNB, as well as Brian Bands Sports, Supa-Quick and Caltex College Motors. We also say thank you to all the parents and Old Unionites for all their hard work. It is much appreciated.

1st XV
The First XV made themselves, our school, and every single Union supporter immensely proud on Saturday. The performance at Interschools was the culmination of a season throughout which they worked extremely hard at every aspect of their game, chasing perfection and striving to improve each time they got together as a group. The definition of potential is “having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future”. This year’s First Team frustrated themselves and spectators because all knew they had potential, but it constantly felt as though they were capable of so much more than what they were delivering. Turns out, they were saving it all for when it mattered most.

The first half of Saturday’s Interschools match was a flawless display of rugby. We dominated the set-pieces, won the collisions, attacked space with purpose and conviction, and showed composure when needing to absorb opposition pressure. Matt Harpur kicked a penalty, shortly followed by a try when Cowan Swartz stood up his opposing wing and raced down the touchline before passing inside to Daliwonga Mathiale, who ran in untouched from 30 metres out. It wasn’t long before Luthando Skapu once again showed his class, cutting the line with ease and beating the last defender to score a magnificent solo try. One could say it mirrored his try in 2017. Matt Harpur converted both tries and kicked a second penalty to give us a 20-3 lead at half-time.

Volkskool scored early in the second half to narrow the gap to 20-10, but the Union boys were determined not to defend their lead and bounced back with a try a few phases later. Daliwonga Mathiale capitalised on a brilliant lineout steal by our forwards and ghosted through three defenders to score his second. Matt Harpur added the extra two, taking the score to 27-10. Unfortunately, our captain Matthew Broeksma suffered a serious head injury at this point and had to be replaced with just less than half the game remaining. We seemed slightly thrown by the incident, but another well taken penalty by Matt Harpur put us 20 points ahead. Volkskool made a late charge and scored a converted try to bring them within two scores. It stayed this way until the end and we won the match 30-17.

Every player in a White Jersey did his job, was effective, worked hard and put the team ahead of themselves.

The First Team wants to thank every learner, member of staff and spectator who supported them, not only on Saturday but throughout the whole of last week. They also want to congratulate the Second Team on an incredible unbeaten season and the First Hockey girls on their phenomenal victory.
This Interschools was certainly an example of “One Team…One Union!”

1st Hockey Team
The Union High School ended off a successful season with a bang. They walked onto the surrounded turf with a sense of excitement. After an intense warm-up, the girls got off to a slow start. Despite many opportunities and dominance of possession of the ball, they failed to get the ball into the back of the net.
After a short but sweet half-time talk, the ball started rolling. The Union gitls scored 3 beautiful, well-executed field goals, and another of a penalty corner. The final score was a well-deserved 4 – 0.
The team would like to thank everybody for their enthusiastic support, not only on Saturday, but during the whole season.

It was an honour to represent Union High School.

Junior Rugby
Union’s U13A rugby boys faced off against Volkskool in a highly anticipated rugby match. Volkskool put Union under pressure from the kick-off and found themselves defending for most of the first half. The Union boys gained momentum in the second half and kept Volkskool under pressure. Unfortunately it was too little too late and they went down 7-38. The boys played with passion and never gave up; they truly displayed the Union spirit.

Junior Hockey
The junior hockey girls took to the astro in bitterly cold and wet conditions on Friday afternoon and met with mixed results.

The 2nd team got off to a slow start and were put under pressure from the start by a determined Volkskool team. Once they recovered their wits though, the girls slowly began to claw back possession and by the end of the 1st half they were firmly in control of the game despite the lack of score.
In the 2nd half, the girls found an extra gear and stepped up the pace and determination, and were rewarded with 2 well deserved goals from Lana Bouwer and Charlize Vorster for their efforts. Well done to this very young team for a great victory under challenging conditions.

The 1st team did not fare as well and unfortunately went down 2 -0 in this tough encounter. Hockey is a game of opportunity as much as it is a game of skill. Union fell short in that they did not capitalise on the opportunities presented. They stood back and waited for passes, while Volkskool swooped in and intercepted these 50 / 50 balls, that could just as easily have been theirs had they had fought for them. The Union girls also had numerous shots on goal, but again lacked the determination to finish off; whereas the opponents were able to slot in 2 soft goals and put themselves in the lead.

Although the girls played well and displayed some lovely skill on the day, in the end, the more committed team won. This was a tough lesson to learn in an even tougher forum and the hope is to grow from these mistakes in the future.

Junior girls’ tennis
The junior girls’ did exceptionally well this year to win their interschools encounter against Volkskool. The 1st team won 6 matches to 3. Special mention has to be made of Anna Pringle and Leah Marais who played as the Union 2nd couple and won all 3 their matches. They showed much fight and determination having been 0-6 down in a pro-set, to come out 8-6 victorious.

The 2nd team did our school proud with both the first couple, consisting of Musa Zweni and Caitrin Spence, as well as the 2nd couple, consisting of Charlize Vorster and Emma Short, winning all 3 their matches on the day. They won their encounter 8 matches to 1.

Due to the wet conditions on Friday, the Senior tennis matches had been postponed and will be played on Thursday, 16 June.



The Union High School community is, once again, excited at the prospect of being a part of the energy of the annual Interschools clash. We are very proud of the traditions that have developed around this occasion since its inception in 1919 and we are extremely pleased to share the day with so many people who travel from all over South Africa and, for that matter, from abroad, in order to be a part of the excitement and drama that inevitably accompanies the clashes.

As always, the sporting tussles will be hard-fought and tense. All the players will be keen to end off the season on a high note. They cherish this opportunity to display their talents and to prove their mettle in front of the many spectators that attend the matches. As we wish all the participants well, we look forward to a wonderful weekend of sport and of sportsmanship of the highest order.
Union High School welcomes all visitors to Interschools 2018. It is wonderful to see so many past pupils from the schools returning to meet up with classmates and other friends. We trust that your reunions will be enjoyed by all and that you will be able to look upon this weekend back at your respective Alma Maters with much pleasure and with many fond memories. Our school thanks you for joining us, and we assure you that the efforts that you have made in order to be with us over this weekend do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Much of what makes this weekend special is a result of the friendly, festive and enthusiastic atmosphere that your presence lends to Interschools.

Our sincere thanks are extended to our sponsors, First National Bank, whose contribution to this event helps us to ensure that it remains an occasion of note for all.

Mr William Pringle


The build up to Interschools can never be explained, only experienced. It is a time in the life of learners when all else seems to come to a standstill and focus shifts to the rivalry that has created unforgettable memories over many years.

Players, coaches, parents, siblings and interested spectators all add to the drama and excitement over the week of fierce competition over a variety of sporting and cultural events. It is an occasion unique to our special town and schools. Interschools 2018 will without doubt be no different and it is evident that all involved are eager to get underway and see if their preparation throughout the year has stood them in good stead for the final challenge.

I want to take this opportunity to thank those individuals who have been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the Interschools program. It is often taken for granted but many are extremely grateful for your efforts. To all supporters, I trust that you will enjoy the occasion and hope that it will send you on an emotional rollercoaster that stirs up memories and inspires you to dream of your own moments of heroism.
I want to thank Laer Volkskool for hosting this year’s event and I am certain it will be another one for the scrapbook.

Best of luck to all participating learners and those who will be supporting their peers. May the matches by tightly contested and played in good spirit. Long may the bond between our schools remain one which is cherished by all who are associated with both institutions.

Mr Carl Bezuidenhout


Left to right: Mateo Mahona, Luthando Skapu, Gary Shell, Zusake Ngwane, Luke McNaughton,
Matt Harpur, Ronan Retief, Ben Kroon, Daliwonga Mathiale, Terrance Siyaya,
Matthew Broeksma (Captain), Mr Carl Bezuidenhout (Coach), Michael Krige (Vice-Captain),
Iviwe Ndamane, Cleathon Koeberg, Mthawelanga Mzimba, Jason Beaumont, Breyton Damons,
Cowan Swartz, Damon Fouche, Ikhona Koeberg, Thando Hermans, Sibongiseni Baatjies, Olwethu Ngcai

This season has been about maturity and constant improvement. We were in the fortunate position of retaining the bulk of the 2017 First XV which allowed us to reinforce the positives from last season and introduce new structures and playing styles. The team has adopted an expansive and positive approach to what we do, allowing for mistakes but striving for perfection.

The forward pack is a unified unit and rely on a combined effort to win set pieces and provide the backs with front-foot ball. They have dominated against far larger opponents and have pleasantly surprised supporters with how effective they have been in the tight. Their greatest asset is the skill level of each forward, often seamlessly linking with the backs to create overlaps or manipulate defences.
With five of the seven regular backline players from 2017 still available this year, there has been an almost telepathic understanding between the backs. A pleasing aspect and sign of good game awareness has been that the backline has scored regularly from set-piece moves. This shows that decision makers are choosing the correct options and the strike runners are executing their roles. Defensively, although small in stature, they have been colossal and held out teams that were faster and bigger.

As things stand, we have won 9 from 14 matches (Pearson and Volkskool fixtures remaining). The highlight was undoubtedly beating Graeme College in Grahamstown at the end of the second term. This group of young men have worked extremely hard this season and have made every effort to reach their full potential as a team. They deserve every success that has come their way and have added value to the coveted White Jersey.

With the season drawing to an end, the team is desperate to make a lasting positive impression on those who have supported them throughout the season and promise to leave it all out on the field come 16:00 on 11 August 2018…
Left to right: Christine Harris, Chloe Shires, Kiah Hoffman, Candice Russell, Jade Shires,
Jenna McNaughton (Vice-Captain), Rebecca Langmead (Captain), Mr Alvin August (Coach),
Micela Loock (Vice-Captain), Yente Retief, Kelly Rose-Innes, Chelsea Theron, Marche Green,
Henze Jaftha, Simamkele Desemela (Goalkeeper) 
The Union High School 1st hockey team has had an incredible season so far. The team has played tough competition, not only playing the top two schools in the country (Oranje Meisieskool and Collegiate), but also others in the top ten, including the proud victory over Pearson High School.

The team currently consists of five matrics with a wealth of experience. The girls average on 59 caps per player. Five of the players have over 100 caps for the 1st team, and an additional have over 50 caps.
The team had 4 inter-provincial representatives this year - Micela Loock, Candice Russell and Yente Retief (Eastern Province U18B) and Chloe Shires (Eastern Province U14C).

The season has been one of much change, but more growth. Having played top schools in the country, the statistics are highly impressive considering the size of our school.
Back (left to right): Rebecca Langmead, Micela Loock, Kelly Rose-Innes (Captain),
Mr L Gallaway (Girls’ Coach), Mrs L Vorster (Boys’ Coach), Matt Harpur (Captain), Noa Cilliers,
Ebben Johnston
Front (left to right): Sarah Kingwill, Christine Harris, Jenna McNaughton, Kyle-Luke du Preez,
Bowen Langmead, Matthew Hesselink


1st Rugby       1st Hockey
Matthew Broeksma       Rebecca Langmead
 “Today we do what they don’t. Tomorrow we do what they cannot.”       “Hustle. Hit. Never quit!"
1st Tennis Girls   1st Tennis Boys   Golf
Kelly Rose-Innes   Matt Harpur   Matt Harpur
 “When you don’t give up, you cannot fail.”   “There’s no way around hard work. Embrace it.” – Roger Federer   “Nothing worth having comes easy.” – Rory McIlroy
Speech   Quiz   Chess
Bavuyisa Hermans   Matthew Light   Ben Kroon
"A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt – long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.” – Winston Chucrhill   “Say not always what you know, but always know what you say.”    “In life, as in chess, forethought wins.” – Charles Buxton 


Congratulations to Kelly Rose-Innes who played her 50th cap for the 1st hockey team in the match against Framesby today. She received a small gift from Mr Carl Bezuidenhout, Union High's Head of Sport, and the Team Manager, Mrs Sharon Shell.



1st team won 4 - 0
Goals by Micela Loock (2), Henze Jaftha and Jade Shires put the home team ahead with a comfortable 4-0 lead going into to the half time break.
The Union girls could not break through the Framesby defence in the 2nd half, but were awarded many penalty corners, which they failed to convert. A good win once again for the girls sees them going into Interschools with a huge amount of confidence.

2nd team won 2 - 0
U/16A won 4 - 0
U/16B won 5 - 0
3rd team drew 0 - 0

U/13A:  12 - 15
This weekend our boys travelled to Port-Elizabeth to take on Herbert Hurd. With conditions cold and wet the match was dominated by close play and huge collisions. Both teams scored twice in the first half to leave the match hanging in the balance. Our boys played with passion and fought hard but unfortunately a last minute penalty was converted and we went down 12-15
U/13B:  5 - 26
U/11A:  5 - 7
U/11B:   14 - 21
Junior 1st Team:  1 - 6
This weekend saw major losses for our Junior hockey teams against Herbert Hurd. Due to illness we were unable to field full teams and had 7 players missing from the two teams. This meant severely depleted teams with many of the players who were there, playing more than one game and even some of these players were not well.

Excuses aside, it was not a pretty day of hockey for us and the 2nd team lost 6-0, while the 1st team lost 6-1. Our lone goal of the day coming from the stick of Chloe Erasmus.
Junior 2nd Team:  0 - 6