Union High School

Curriculum Overview

CAPS has been introduced in Grades 5 - 12. Learners are exposed to the eight learning areas which lead up to the Further Education and Training Certificate to be issued at the end of grade 12 to successful candidates.

These are the subjects covered in Grades 5 - 6
1. English HL
2. Afrikaans FAL
3. Mathematics
4. Life Skills (Life Orientation and Arts & Culture)
5. Natural Sciences & Technology
6. Social Sciences (Geography & History)

Subjects covered Grade 7 - 9:
1. English
2. Afrikaans FAL
3. Mathematics
4. Social Sciences
5. Economic Management Sciences
6. Natural Sciences
7. Technology
8. Life Orientation
9. Creative Arts

Subjects covered Grade 10 - 12
Compulsory Subjects:
English HL
Afrikaans FAL
Life Orientation

One from each group
Group 1:
Mathematical Literacy

Group 2:
Life Sciences
Travel and Tourism

Group 3:

Group 4:
*Physical Sciences
Computer Applications Technology
Business Studies

Approval to take Music as a subject is to the discretion of the Senior Music Teacher.
* PLEASE BE ADVISED: It is COMPULSORY for learners taking Physical Sciences to do Mathematics.

Group work is well-established in many classes and there is much that can be said about the positive influence that this has on the overall growth of the learners. Assessment takes place in a variety of ways: peer assessment of individuals by their group, assessment by the facilitator (i.e. the teacher) of groups and individuals. A new system of reporting progress is being introduced to suit these new modes of learning and assessment. In spite of these changes it has been seen fit to use all the positive elements of the new approach while still maintaining the high academic standards for which Union High is known. This includes the teacher going beyond the restrictions of the many and varied textbooks newly on the market and supplementing the course with material which is regarded as useful, or often essential for the subject choice offered for grades 10 to 12 i.e. for the Senior Certificate Examinations.

Our subject choice is regularly updated in view of learner requirements, staff availability and the facilities available at the school.  We use a seven period day, with ten school days in a cycle.

Every year we have pupils enrolled for APMaths – Advanced Program Mathematics and who will take the IEB exams.

Music is offered at all levels and may be taken instead of Accounting or Geography . Other combinations will need the permission of the Headmaster and may replace any non-language subject for Senior Certificate. This is subject to the discretion of the Senior Music Teacher. A multitalented group of musicians works with individuals and groups to identify their talent and coach them into becoming confident performers and choir members.

This flexible and balanced curriculum aims to stimulate enquiring minds, to acquire good learning habits, encourage and aid those in the class who may need extra attention to stay motivated and to keep up. The ultimate objective is cultivate confident individuals with social responsibility, with good character and who are as fully prepared as possibly to meet the challenges of our society and its needs. The part played by sports participation in our healthy environment and many and varied cultural activities cannot be ignored.

Contact with parents in matters related to progress is ongoing - by means of telephone calls, letters, reports, interviews and general meetings with parents in different feeder areas.

"UHS is upgrading their equipment on a regular basis and it is my vision to establish the school as one of IT Excellence" said principal William Pringle.