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Over the last weekend of the first term of 2017 Union High hosted its 30th Annual Senior Rugby and Hockey Festival and once again it was a tremendous success, with teams from across the country taking part in the festival.
With 800 learners and 115 coaches attending, we had hostels bursting at the seams, but the hard-working staff of Arthur Kingwill House and Herby Arnott House made it work and as always Union was complimented for its great hospitality. We wish to take this opportunity to thank our hostel staff for all those extra hours and their contribution to the success of the festival. The same goes to Mr Kingwill and his team of ground-staff for ensuring that our facilities were always in impeccable condition.
Thank you to our rugby and hockey moms and dads for feeding the coaches, sponsors, staff, medics and referees at the Union. As always, the food was of the highest quality (and quantity). Thank you also to Mr Crankshaw and his team of old Unionites for their contribution.
A festival of this magnitude cannot be hosted without its sponsors. To our main sponsors for festival – Hyundai, Caltex, College Motors, SupaQuick and Spur - we appreciate the ongoing support from your businesses. We are looking forward to many more years of working together.
Congratulations to the coaches on the teams’ performances over festival. You and the teams made us proud on and off the field!

Festival Rugby Report
On Saturday, we played against Cambridge in what was an eagerly anticipated clash. Our team looked forward to playing at home and this was evident in the way they approached the match. We played with commitment and passion to secure a 13 – 5 victory. Cambridge was physically bigger but we managed to disrupt their attack with excellent defence and intensity throughout. Ross Stanley finished off a well-constructed team try in the first half to put us ahead. The momentum switched back and forth with Cambridge scoring just before half time. Unfortunately, we could not convert pressure into points but rather missed out on what should have been certain tries. Our handling and impatience caused frustration from players and supporters alike. Fortunately, a second half try by Cohen Pieterse and converted penalty by Matt Harpur gave us a two-score cushion and we managed to hang onto this until the final whistle.

Monday’s match against Charlie Hofmeyer was a disappointing one for us. We seemed flat-footed and put in a lacklustre performance. We could not control possession and our intensity on defence was far off the pace. Unforced errors at critical moments hurt us and we could not find our rhythm as a result. Our opponents capitalised on our failure to protect the ball and used their opportunities better than we did. We lost the match 17 – 39. Ross Stanley scored a good individual try and Ikhona Koeberg did well to finish off our most promising passage of play, dotting down underneath the posts. Matt Harpur kicked two conversions and a penalty.
Our thanks go out to all involved with the organisation and running of the festival. It was another incredible experience for us as the First Rugby Squad. We are truly grateful for the opportunity and for the hard work which was done behind the scenes.

It was an emotional weekend for us after hearing the news of the passing of Sean Kroon, a member of our First XV in 2016 and a good friend to many. Sean played an integral part in the 2016 season and will long be remembered for his dedication. His work rate from the side of the scrum was immense and he was always willing to put his body on the line for his teammates. As a coach, I knew I could rely on him at any time and in any situation. He never let me down and often exceeded expectations. Off the field, he was a real character and added so much to the chemistry of the team with his quirky personality and unique perspective on life. It was a privilege for us all to share the special moments of the season with a young man who loved every minute of what he did. We will miss him dearly and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. The ‘white jersey’ family has lost a brother but he will forever live on in our hearts and in the change room.
Union High’s 1st Rugby and Hockey teams honoured Sean Kroon on Monday with a minute of silence prior to the final rugby match of the Festival.

Festival Hockey Report
After winning the EC SPAR Hockey Spar Challenge on Friday, Union's first hockey team continued their success when they played their first game of the Festival against Paarl Gym from Cape Town. Paarl Gym played with the same intensity that the Union Team has been accustomed to play. The Union girls used their opportunities well and beat Paarl Gym 8 goals to 0.

On Sunday they played two games. During the first game against Nico Malan the girls wasted their opportunities in the first half and only scored one goal. The second half was much better and Union scored 5 goals to 0. The second match was played against Settlers High School from Cape Town. It was a well-rounded game and Union displayed their exquisite skill, beating Settlers 9-0.

On Monday, Union played against Brandwag from Uitenhage, who Brandwag brought a negative type of game that the Union girls weren't use to. It forced the Union girls to try to counter it by using a different structure. It frustrated the Union girls, but it forced them to play harder and comfortably win 4-0.

Over the festival the Union girls showed their level of fitness, skill and their understanding of the game. They dominated this weekend with finesse and were graceful and humble after every game and saw each game as a challenge. In total they played 4 games, scored 27 goals, averaging 6 goals per game and conceding 0.

It was a very successful festival for Union’s 1st Hockey Team and the girls are looking forward to the rest of the season.

Day 1 : Saturday 1 April
Camps Bay High School 32 vs Linkside High School 17
Hoërskool Andrew Rabie 22 vs Winterberg Landbou Skool 23
Grey College Cherries 39 vs Swartland Hoërskool 7
Gill College 22 vs Hoërskool Grens 26
Hoër Volkskool 16 vs Pearson High School 34
Hoërskool Charlie Hofmeyr 17 vs Grey High School Unicorns 15
Grey College 68 vs Stirling High School 3
Union High School 13 vs Cambridge High School 5
Muir College 18 vs Westering 10
Paarl Gim Daisies 52 vs Grens 3

Brandwag Hoërskool 1 vs Victoria Girls 0
Gill College 0 vs Stirling High School 4
Hoër Volkskool 2 vs Paarl Gim 0
Linkside High School 1 vs Cambridge High School 3
Nico Malan Hoërskool 2 vs Grens Hoërskool 0
Westering High School 0 vs Settlers High School 0
Victoria Girls 0 vs Framesby Hoërskool 4
Paarl Gim Invitational 0 vs Union High School 8
Brandwag Hoërskool 2 vs Union High Invitational 1
Stirling High School 6 vs Hoër Volkskool 0
Gill College 4 vs Cambridge High School 1

Day 2 : Sunday 2 April
Westering 1 vs Paarl Gim 4
Nico Malan 0 vs Union High School 6
Framesby 4 vs Cambridge 1
Stirling 3 vs Settlers 0
Grens 3 vs Linkside 3
Victoria Girls 3 vs Union Invitational 3
Nico Malan 3 vs Brandwag 3
Framesby 2 vs Volkskool 1
Union High School 9 vs Settlers 0
Linkside 0 vs Gill 4
Westering 5 vs Grens 0

Day 3 : Monday 3 April
Paarl Gim Daisies 10 vs Grey Unicorns 18
Grey College Cherries 60 vs Grens Hoërskool 8
Grey College 92 vs Muir College 10
Gill College 45 vs Cambridge High School 12
Pearson High School 46 vs Swartland Hoërskool 20
Westering High School 24 vs Camps Bay High School 8
Hoër Volkskool 0 vs Stirling High School 65
Union High School 17 vs Hoërskool Charlie Hofmeyr 39
Grens 2nd Team 19 vs Hoërskool Andrew Rabie 33

Nico Malan Hoërskool 1 vs Paarl Gim Invitational 4
Settlers High School 0 vs Cambridge High School 1
Linkside High School 0 vs Victoria Girls2
Union High Invitational 0 vs Westering High School 1
Framesby High School 2 vs Gill College 1
Grens Hoërskool 1 vs Hoër Volkskool 4
Union High School 4 vs Brandwag Hoërskool 0



During the July school holidays, Union High School hosted another very successful Junior Rugby and Hockey Festival.

The 18th Annual Anne Beagley Junior Rugby and Hockey Festival was opened by Mrs Yvette Cloete (HOD) on the Union Puttick field on Saturday 1 July 2017. Twenty-nine rugby and hockey teams marched across the field, proudly displaying their school banners in a moving ceremony.

Teams from as far afield as Somerset West, Komga, Grahamstown, East London and Port Elizabeth, competed on both the rugby and hockey fields. Parents and friends were treated to displays of talent, skill and sportsmanship by many young sport stars of the future and an atmosphere of healthy competition and friendly rivalry prevailed.

Mrs Anne Beagley’s vision 18 years ago was to create an opportunity for brother and sister schools from cities, to come and experience a weekend of Karoo hospitality and friendship. This has certainly been achieved. Our visiting scholars enjoyed the fresh Karoo air and fun activities in a safe environment while their coaches and parents enjoyed the culinary expertise of a group of dedicated Union High School parents, as well as the hospitality of the Old Unionite Association.

We wish to once again thank our dedicated sponsors, College Motors, Hyundai, Caltex and Powerade for their contribution to the Union sports festivals. Without their support, a festival of this magnitude will surely not be possible.

Thank you also to all the rugby and hockey teams that have travelled far and wide to attend the Union Festival. Travel safely and we look forward to hosting you again in 2018!

The results are as follows:
Saturday, 1 July  
  Komga Junior vs Laer Volkskool 15 - 22
  Muir College vs Lilyfontein School 17 - 5
  Stirling Primary vs Grey Junior 17 - 15
  Hudson Park Primary vs Clarendon Park Primary 50 - 17
  De Hoop Primary vs Graeme College 17 - 12
  Gonubie Primary vs Westering Primary 12 - 15
  Union High School vs Summerwood Primary 19 - 26
Sunday, 2 July Results
  Clarendon Park Primary vs Komga Junior 33 - 10
  Gonubie Primary vs Summerwood Primary 24 - 12
  Lilyfontein School vs Grey Junior 12 - 32
  Muir College vs De Hoop Primary 5 - 17
  Hudson Park Primary vs Westering Primary 15 - 17
  Laer Volkskool vs Graeme College 5 - 19
  Union High School vs Stirling Primary 0 - 54
Monday, 3 July  
  De Hoop Primary vs Hudson Park Primary 30 - 10
  Grey Junior vs Gonubie Primary 12 - 0
  Graeme College vs Summerwood Primary 19 - 21
  Muir College vs Komga Junior 35 - 5
  Westering Primary vs Stirling Primary 0 - 38
  Laer Volkskool vs Clarendon Park Primary 15 - 10
  Union High School vs Lilyfontein School 48 - 7
Saturday, 1 July  
  Union High School vs De Hoop Primary 0 - 1
  Collegiate Junior vs Stirling Primary 2 - 1
  Erica Girls’ Primary vs Gonubie Primary 0 - 0
  Komga Junior vs Lorraine primary 0 - 1
  Lilyfontein School vs Laer Volkskool 0 - 3
  Summerwood Primary vs Victoria Primary 1 - 0
  Union High Invitation vs Westering Primary 0 - 5
  Clarendon Park Primary vs De Hoop Primary 0 - 0
  Union High School vs Gonubie Primary 3 - 0
  Collegiate Junior vs Komga Junior 1 - 0
  Erica Girls’ Primary vs Lilyfontein School 0 - 1
  Stirling Primary vs Westering Primary 0 - 1
  Clarendon Park Primary vs Victoria Primary 2 - 0
  Union High Invitation vs Summerwood Primary 0 - 1
  Laer Volkskool vs Lorraine Primary 2 - 2
Sunday, 2 July  
  Union High Invitation vs Clarendon Park Primary 0 - 3
  Westering Primary vs Laer Volkskool 5 - 1
  Collegiate Junior vs De Hoop Primary 0 - 1
  Union High School vs Komga Junior 3 - 0
  Stirling Primary vs Summerwood Primary 2 - 2
  Lilyfontein School vs Lorraine Primary 1 - 2
  Erica Girls’ Primary vs Victoria Primary 2 - 0
  Gonubie Primary vs Union High Invitation 2 - 0
  Clarendon Park Primary vs Laer Volkskool 2 - 0
  Westering Primary vs Komga Junior 7 - 0
  Collegiate Junior vs Summerwood Primary 0 - 0
  Stirling Primary vs Erica Girls’ Primary 1 - 0
  Union High School vs Lilyfontein School 2 - 0
  Gonubie Primary vs De Hoop Primary 0 - 0
  Lorraine Primary vs Victoria Primary 0 - 1
Monday, 3 July  
  Erica Girls’ Primary vs Laer Volkskool 2 - 1
  Komga Junior vs De Hoop Primary 0 - 3
   Lorraine Primary vs Gonubie Primary 0 - 0
  Clarendon Park Primary vs Collegiate Junior 0 - 1
  Lilyfontein School vs Summerwood Primary 0 - 0
  Victoria Primary vs Westering Primary 0 - 4
  Union High School vs Stirling Primary 2 - 0


The first Cape Schools’ Cricket Week was held at Bishops in Cape Town in 1968 and since its inception, Union High School has proved its mettle against its more illustrious opponents from the Western Cape on numerous occasions. In 1969, 1970 and 1971 victories were recorded against Bishops, Wynberg, Plumstead, Rondebosch and SACS. The high standards set in the early years have been maintained, and during the 1980’s and 1990’s notable wins were gained. Good results have also been achieved in the period from 2004 to 2007.

The festival was held in Graaff-Reinet for the first time in 1970. The beautiful fields and setting at the foot of the Valley of Desolation made such an impression on all and sundry that it was decided to return to the Union High School as early as 1972. The school was fortunate once again to, host the festival in 1982, 1986, 2000, 2007 and 2012.

The Festival is one of the oldest cricket festivals in the country. The idea was to have the top Eastern Cape Schools pitting their strength against top Western Cape Schools. The schools selected were Dale, Grey, Queen’s, Selborne and Union from the Eastern Cape and Bishops, Rondebosch, Plumstead, SACS and Wynberg from the Western Cape. Plumstead have subsequently bowed out and Paul Roos has now become a full member. The week has been a launching pad for many talented schoolboy cricketers such as Jacques Kallis (Wynberg), Mark Boucher (Selborne), Makhaya Ntini (Dale) Wayne Parnell (Grey) and Jonathan Trott (Rondebosh) to mention only a few.


Union High School hosted their 12th Annual Mica Cricket Festival from 11-13 January 2018. Ten teams participated in the festival, including Glenwood (Durban), Stirling High, Grey High, Daniel Pienaar, Brandwag, Paarl Gimnasium, Paarl Boys, Milnerton and Marlow.

Union played Glenwood from Durban in a declaration match on the first day, and the boys always knew that they would tough competition.  Glenwood won the toss, elected to bat first and scored 237/10. Union went in to bat, but struggled with the bowling and lost wickets in constant intervals. The Union boys only managed to get 120/10. Union lost the game by 118 runs.  Cowan Swartz bowled very well and took a 5 wicket haul.

On the second day Union High played a 50 over match against Stirling. Union won the toss and elected to bat first. The batsmen applied themselves much better and they scored 217/8. Stirling went in to bat and batted well, but at the end of the day Union High was good enough to close the game and secure a victory.  Stirling made 208 all out - Union won the match by 9 runs.  Once again Cowan Swartz batted well and scored an unbeaten 58 not out.

On the final day of the festival, Union played a Pro 20 game against Milnerton from Cape Town. Union won the toss and elected to bat first. A fantastic opening partnership between Ronan Retief and Brett Amsterdam had Union at 134/0 after 15 overs. After Ronan got dismissed the run rate went down, but a steady innings from Brett made sure we could get to a very good total off 166/4 after 20 overs. Milnerton went into bat and the Union boys took early wickets. Milnerton reached a total of 139/8 and Union High won the game by 27 runs. Ronan Retief scored a blistering 83 and Brett Amsterdam and batted out 20 overs and scored an unbeaten 56 not out.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our sponsor, Mica, for their contribution to the success of this tournament. As always, the cricket moms were also very hands on in preparing the food and hosting the cocktail party for our visiting coaches. Thank you for your constant support and willingness to host our visitors. And last, but not least, the Union school and hostel staff – without your commitment and hard work a festival such as this will never be possible.

Once again, Union High has hosted a very successful Senior Cricket Festival. We are grateful to the schools that have travelled so far, and for their coaches for giving up a part of their holiday time, to attend what is always a very important event on the Union High calendar. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2019!