Union High School


Union High School has a proud hockey tradition and over the years has produced many provincial and national players. Our most recent success being Sulette Damons who at present is a member of the SA National Team. 

We pride ourselves on also encouraging every pupil regardless of skills to make the effort to get onto the hockey field at least twice a week. Participation being deemed just as important as excellence.

On the 15th of October, 2011 The Union Astroturf was officially opened with much celebration and pride. This was a monumental day in the history of Union High School.

The school is deeply indebted to all who have contributed to this venture. We trust that the future of hockey at UHS will be bright and crowned with many victories. 

Hockey - Results 2017

Date Match
19 August UHS vs Grens
1st Team:  2 - 0
The first team girls played their final match against Grens on Saturday. As a fun way to end off the hockey season, they played the match with the defenders and attackers switching positions and the umpires blew with extended advantage. Despite over 30 shots at goal, we only managed to score 2. But nevertheless, it was an enjoyable, hard fought match. The final score was 2-0.
Leaving the 1st Hockey girls with the following exceptional statistics:
Played 31
Won 21
Drew 5
Lost 5
Win percentage 68%
Goals For 152
Goals against 26
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to, encouraged and supported the girls this season.

2nd Team:  7 - 0
U/16B:  12 - 0
5 August UHS vs Pearson
1st:  0 - 0
On Saturday Union’s 1st hockey team took on their 4th team of the season that is ranked in the top 10 – Pearson. Union went into the game trying to rectify last week’s performance against Collegiate, by trying to play without a lapse in concentration. It was deemed as one of the hardest games that the Union girls would have played this season. Mr Gamiet said that he has to commend the girls as they achieved that with flying colours. What was more satisfying is the manner in which the Union girls played. The coach was also off his seat from the start of the match, with the girls creating numerous opportunities to score and he also commented that it was the best hockey that he had seen from the Union first team girls in the four years that he has coached at the school. The game ended with a well-deserved 0 – 0 draw. Now the 1st team looks forward to completing their performance by finishing their opportunities this coming weekend.
2nd:  0 - 6
U/16A:  1 - 5
U/16B:  0 - 10
3rd:  1 - 10
29 July UHS vs Gill College
1st Team:  12 - 1
On Saturday, the Union girls played against Gill College and they were ready to fix Friday’s mistakes, scoring 2 goals in the 1st 5 minutes. The girls played an outstanding brand of hockey. At the start of the second half, they fielded a team without matrics, and excelled to a 12-0 lead. Gill scored one goal, with the final result being 12-1. Players of the match were shared between Paige de la Harpe and Jenna McNaughton.
U/16A vs Gill 2nd Team:  7 - 0
3rd Team vs Gill 3rd Team:  4 - 0
28 July UHS vs Collegiate
UHS 1st vs Collegiate 1st:  0 - 5
On the Friday evening, Union’s 1st hockey team had good preparation in the run-up to interschools, playing against Collegiate – one of the Top 5 hockey schools in the country. Union put up a good fight and had opportunities in the first half, but didn’t use them, and they were 1-0 down at half-time. Five minutes of complete loss of concentration at the start of the second half left the Union girls conceding two goals and eventually a 5-0 loss. The player of the match was goalie, Sima Desemela.
UHS U16/A vs Collegiate U/16A:  1 - 7
UHS U/16/B vs Collegiate U/14A:  0 - 10
10 June UHS vs Westering
1st Team Report vs Westering
On Saturday the 1st Hockey Team took on Westering in the last game of the first half of the season. The girls started off slowly, but were in control of the game from the first minute and went into the break 2-0 ahead. Our girls went into the second half knowing that nothing less than their best would be acceptable and they needed to show true character and grit. I must applaud the girls for how they responded, as they have done all year. They managed to score a goal in the dying seconds which is an indication of their will to work until the very end. The final score was 8-0 in Union’s favour.
1st Team hockey statistics for the first half of the season are very impressive, the results of the hard work the girls have put in this year. They have played 26 games, won 18, lost 4 and drawn 4, scoring 128 goals (averaging 4.9 goals per game) and conceding just 15 goals.
1st Team:  8 - 0
2nd Team:  2 - 1
U/16A:  11 - 1
U/16B:  3 - 0
3rd:  1 - 0
27 May UHS vs Cradock
On Saturday, after a week’s break, Union’s 1st hockey team stamped their authority early in their match against Cradock, with the girls scoring their first goal in the first 23 seconds. The Union girls showed great respect for the game by not celebrating goals, but jogging back into position and be ready to mount an onslaught on the Cradock goal.
Union simply outclassed Cradock, not only with their skill set, but also with tactical awareness. They need be praised for the way they kept their structure, which inevitably made the game look easier than what it was. We thank the girls for celebrating their win with the utmost respect for the opposition. The whole team deserves to be Player of the Match. The game ended 10 minutes early, with Union winning 11 – 0.
UHS 2nd Team vs Cradock 3rd Team:  10 - 0
UHS U/16A vs Cradock 2nd Team:  12 - 0
13 May UHS vs Kingswood
1st Team:  0 - 1
On Saturday Union played Kingswood. After the heroic efforts of the previous night, the girls were flat to start off with and conceded early. Showing there fighting spirit once again, the girls carved Kingswood’s defence open on multiple occasions. Unfortunately their finishing let them down and they lost 1-0.

2nd Team:  1 - 1
U/16A:  3 - 3
U/16B:  0 - 0
3rd Team:  1 - 4
12 May UHS vs DSG
1st Team:  2 - 2
On Friday Evening Union played against DSG in front of a packed house. DSG came out firing, putting the Union girls under tremendous pressure and scoring 2 goals in the first half. The Union team showed enormous courage and tenacity and fought till the end, scoring the equalizer with only five seconds to spare, to which was arguably their best performance of the season .The game ended in a 2-2 draw.

2ndTeam:  0 - 6
U/16A:  0 - 5
U/16B:  0 - 4
3rd Team:  0 - 9
6 May UHS vs Aliwal North High School
1st Team:  2 - 0
U/16A:  2 - 0
2nd Team:  4 - 0
U/16B:  6 - 2
28 - 30 April Kingswood Hockey Festival
On Thursday, 27 April, Union’s 1st hockey team departed to Grahamstown to partake in the Kingswood Hockey Festival. Friday saw the girls played Kingswood. The Union girls dominated the game, but failed to use their opportunities and lost the match 2-1. In the second match of the day Union played St Dominic's Priory and Union was met by an EP goal keeper who was on form, but Union powered their way to a 6-0 victory.
On Saturday the Union team played against Paarl Vallei, where Union once again failed to utilize their opportunities after taking the lead, but then lost 2-1. The second game of the day Union played against Merrifield and the girls displayed pure class, dominated the game and won 10-0.
On Sunday Union played against their old foes, DSG. Some history behind this game... Union’s last victory against DSG in a full match took place in 2013 - 4 years ago. Union went about their business smartly and full of energy leaving DSG exhausted and taking a 1-0 lead at half time. Union scored their second straight after halftime. DSG put pressure on the Union girls and pushed them until the very end, but Union won the match 2-1. Beating a top 5 school in the country speaks volumes about the girls, who play schools in the top 15 throughout the year and come away with positive results.
Union’s 1st Hockey Team is definitely flying the Union flag high and are looking forward to the rest of the year.
vs Kingswood:  1 - 2
vs St Dominic's Priory:  6 - 0
vs Paarl Vallei:  1 - 2
vs Merrifield:  10 - 0
vs DSG:  2 - 1
26 April UHS vs VP
1st Team:  7 - 0
U16A:  8 - 2
22 April UHS vs VG
1st XI:  9 - 0
2nd: 8 - 0
U/16A:  6 - 1
U/16 B:  1 - 0
3rd:  1 - 2
1 - 3 April UHS Senior Rugby & Hockey Festival
After winning the EC SPAR Hockey Spar Challenge on Friday, Union's first hockey team continued their success when they played their first game of the Festival against Paarl Gym from Cape Town. Paarl Gym played with the same intensity that the Union Team has been accustomed to play. The Union girls used their opportunities well and beat Paarl Gym 8 goals to 0.
On Sunday they played two games. During the first game against Nico Malan the girls wasted their opportunities in the first half and only scored one goal. The second half was much better and Union scored 5 goals to 0. The second match was played against Settlers High School from Cape Town. It was a well-rounded game and Union displayed their exquisite skill, beating Settlers 9-0.
On Monday, Union played against Brandwag from Uitenhage, who Brandwag brought a negative type of game that the Union girls weren't use to. It forced the Union girls to try to counter it by using a different structure. It frustrated the Union girls, but it forced them to play harder and comfortably win 4-0.
Over the festival the Union girls showed their level of fitness, skill and their understanding of the game. They dominated this weekend with finesse and were graceful and humble after every game and saw each game as a challenge. In total they played 4 games, scored 27 goals, averaging 6 goals per game and conceding 0.
It was a very successful festival for Union’s 1st Hockey Team and the girls are looking forward to the rest of the season.
31 March SPAR EC Hockey Challenge
They played 7 matches, won 6, drew 1, scored 15 goals and had not one scored against them! If that is how you play hockey, you win the tournament!!!
Well done to Union High’s 1st Hockey Team for winning the SPAR Eastern Cape School Girls' Hockey Challenge that took place on their home-ground on Friday, 31 March. After all the teams had played 6 matches each, it came down to a final between Union High and Kingswood. Union’s girls played focused hockey, giving it their all...and a bit extra, and were triumphant in their endeavours. Congratulations hockey girls - Union High is walking tall and extremely proud!
We wish to thank SPAR for making this very successful day happen.
vs Kingswood College: 0 - 0
vs Hoër Volkskool:  3 - 0
vs Victoria Girls:  6 - 0
vs DSG:  1 - 0
vs Gill College:  3 - 0
vs Brandwag:  1 - 0
vs Kingswood:  1 - 0 (Final)
24 - 25 March 1st XI - Greg Beling Festival
vs Stirling High School:   Union dominated with 45 circle entries, against Stirling’s 10 but Union failed to use opportunities and drew 0 - 0.
vs Kingsridge:  the girls use their opportunities much better, scoring three goals. But they were complacent, allowing the opposition to score two goals. Union won the match 3 - 2.
vs Clarendon:  UHS scored first and leading up to the last 10 minutes, when they conceded a penalty stroke and a last minute penalty corner, which left them devastated to lose 2-1.
vs Oranje Meisieskool:  Union put on a fine performance, bur unfortunately Union lost the match 5-1.
  1st Junior Hockey - Collegiate Festival
vs Collegiate A:  0 - 4
vs Calendon (East London):  0 - 0
vs Herbert Hurd:  0 - 3
vs Kingsridge (King William’s Town):  0 - 0