Union High School


Union High School has a proud hockey tradition and over the years has produced many provincial and national players. Our most recent success being Sulette Damons who at present is a member of the SA National Team. 

We pride ourselves on also encouraging every pupil regardless of skills to make the effort to get onto the hockey field at least twice a week. Participation being deemed just as important as excellence.

On the 15th of October, 2011 The Union Astroturf was officially opened with much celebration and pride. This was a monumental day in the history of Union High School.

The school is deeply indebted to all who have contributed to this venture. We trust that the future of hockey at UHS will be bright and crowned with many victories. 

Hockey - Results 2018

Date Match
1st Team won 4 - 0
U/16A won 4 - 0
23 - 25 June Cambridge Festival
The UHS 1st Hockey and Rugby teams travelled to East Londen to take part in the Cambridge Co-Ed Festival.
Our first team hockey girls had a successful tournament at Cambridge, East London. Playing without 4 of their regular players who were representing our province in Kwa-Zulu Natal, the girls played excellent hockey and came home unbeaten.
Won 4 - 0 vs Hudson Park
Won 6 - 1 vs DF Malherbe
Drew 1 - 1 vs Stirling
Won 2 - 0 vs Cambridge

Thanks to coach Mr August and manager Mrs Shell who looked after our girls so well!
1st Team:  7 - 1
2nd Team:  4 - 0
U/16A:  2 - 2
3rd Team:  0 - 1
U/16B:  0 - 4
U/16A vs CHS 3rd Team:  12 - 0
2nd Team:  3 - 0
1st Team:  1 - 0
On Saturday the 1st Hockey Team played Cradock in a tricky encounter on a grass surface. The team deserves much praise as they approached the game with complete professionalism, and thoroughly enjoyed the encounter. The girls dominated the game, but could not finish their opportunities,
winning 1 - 0. Special mention must be made of Jenna McNaughton who played extremely well.
2nd Team vs Burgersdorp 1st Team: 1 – 0
3rd Team: 0 – 0
U/16B: 1 – 0
1st Team: 0 – 3
2nd Team: 0 – 7
U/16A: 0 – 4
U/16B: 0 – 3
1st Team:  4 - 0
At Saturday’s match against Aliwal North three of the Union 1st Team hockey players, Micela Loock, Sima Desemela and Jenna McNaughton, received their 100 caps for the 1st team. We congratulate these three players on this great achievement, and thank them for their hard work and dedication. 
During the match, Aliwal North set up a very negative game plan which made it difficult for the Union girls to finish off the hard work they were putting in. Nevertheless, the Union team was far too strong for the Aliwal team winning, the match 4-0.  Rebecca Langmead scored a hat trick and Kelly Rose-Innes scoring her 1st goal for the 1st Team.

2nd Team:  5 - 0
U/16A:  7 - 0
3rd Team:  1 - 0

1st Junior:  2 - 1
2nd Junior:  0 - 0
On Saturday Union High’s 1st hockey team played against Victoria Park at the Nelson Mandela University Astro. The girls played against a well-coached side, but once again produced another near flawless performance. The Union girls are really playing an exciting brand of hockey, which makes it easy on the eye to watch, and they won the match 7-0. Yente Retief must once again be commended for putting on a master performance with class and grace. Goal were scored by Rebecca Langmead (3), Micela Loock (2), Candice Russel (1) and Henze Jaftha (1)
1st Team: 7 - 0
2nd Team:  5 - 0
U/16A:  7 - 0
U/16B vs VP U/14A:  0 - 2
During the 1st team match against Victoria Girls’ High School the Union girls once again showed their class from the very start and scored 2 goals in the first 5 minutes They continued to dominate, played attractive hockey and cruised to an 8-2 win. Goals were scored by Jenna McNaughton (3), Henze Jaftha (3), Candice Russell (1) and Rebecca Langmead (1).
1st Team:  8 - 2
2nd Team:  8 - 0
U/16 A:  4 - 1
U/16 B:  2 - 0
3rd Team:  2 - 0
29 - 31 March CALTEX / COLLEGE MOTORS Snr Rugby & Hockey Festival
Union High School vs Hoërskool Framesby:  4 - 1
Union High School vs Paarl Gimnasium Inv:  1 - 0
Union High School vs Kingsridge High School:  2 - 0
Union High School vs Settlers High School:  3 - 1
Union High School vs Cambridge High School:  6 - 0

Union’s 1st hockey team came into the festival with a lot of pressure hanging over the heads due to the below par performances so far this season. Their first match took place against Framesby, with the girls being extremely nervous. They couldn’t convert the opportunities that they had went down 1-0, but thanks to a spectacular goal by Micela Loock, the score was even at 1 all going into the break The Union girls finished the match on 4-1, with Jenna McNaughton scoring a hat-trick and Micela Loock scoring one goal.

Union played their second match against Paarl Gimnasium in heavy raining conditions, which made the Astro Turf slow. The Union girls dominated the game from the beginning to the end, but could only score one goal (by Rebecca Langmead), which enabled them to win 1-0.

The 3rd and much awaited game against the toughest opponents at the festival, Kingsridge High School, took place on day 2 of the festival. The Union girls were well prepared for the match and excelled in the 1st half with a well-rounded team goal from Micela Loock, and Rebecca Langmead scoring the second goal. Kingsridge piled on the pressure during the second half, but the Union girls held on for a 2-0 victory.

During Union’s 4th match, against Settlers High School, the Union players’ class in play and movement off the ball dominated the opposition. Settlers did not have any ball possession, but their defence made it difficult for Union to score. However, the Union girls broke through and managed to score two goals thanks to Jenna McNaughton and Rebecca Langmead. With Settlers not having much possession of the ball and Union being in the opposition territory most of the game, Union withdrew the goalkeeper to add more attackers to their field. Unfortunately they then conceded a goal, but soon rectified the decision by scoring another goal by Rebecca Langmead to win the game 3-1.

The 5th and final game saw Union get their X-Factor back to completely overwhelm Cambridge High with the game controlled by the classy centre back, Yente Retief, to win the game 6 - 0. Goals were scored by Micela Loock (2),Henze Jaftha (2), Jenna McNaughton and Rebecca Langmead.

Hockey statistics for the festival:
Played 5 won 5
Goals for: 15
Goals against: 2
Goal Scorers:  Jenna McNaughton (5), Rebecca Langmead (5), Micela Loock (4) and Henze Jaftha (2)

UHS Invitational vs Linkside High School:  1 - 0
UHS Invitational vs Nico Malan:  0 - 5
UHS Invitational vs Victoria Girls High School:  1 - 2
UHS Invitational vs Gill College:  0 - 0
UHS 1st Team vs QGHS:  1 - 0
UHS 1st Team vs Oranje:  0 - 4
UHS 1st Team vs Clarendon:  0 - 3
UHS 1st Team vs Hudson Park:  1 - 1
UHS 1st Team vs Stirling:  0 - 3
Union High’s 1st hockey team travelled to East London this weekend to participate in the very competitive Greg Beling Festival. With a new team in action and due to poor execution, the results were not as pleasing as expected.
1st Team

On Saturday Union’s 1st hockey side played their first hockey match of the season. The match lived up to its hype and was an energy sapping match. After 5 minutes one could feel that one mistake would be the deciding factor in the outcome of the match. Union defended for most of the 1st half, as they did not stick to the game plan at all and gave a lot of the ball possession away with double turnovers, which hampered their attacking ability. Unfortunately, as they were struggling to settle into the game, they made a defensive error, which resulted in them conceding a very soft goal. The second half was a completely different game, as the Union girls dominated the ball, and their fitness, as well as their concentration was superior.
Union struggled to break through DSG’s defence, so they withdrew their goal keeper, who had an exceptional game, to go on an all-out attack with one extra player. This resulted in Union receiving a penalty corner at the end of the game, which they failed to convert. Union lost the game 0-1. Many lessons were learnt this past weekend as the Union girls look to rectify their mistakes for the all-important Greg Beling Festival in East London this weekend.
Other results
2nd Team:  2-1
U16B lost 0 - 6
3rd Team lost 0 - 5
U16A lost 1 - 2

1st Junior Team vs DSG u/13A:  0 - 1
2nd Junior Team vs DSG Under 13B:  1 – 0
10 March Union's 1st XI attended the opening of the season festival in Port Elizabeth:
vs Collegiate:  0 - 2
vs Kingswood:  0 - 0
vs Alexander Road:  2  -1
vs Woodridge College 2 - 1
vs DSG:  0 - 0
Union's 2nd hockey team played two matches at the Gill Sports Day, winning their match against Hoërskool Templeton 5 - 0, and losing 0 - 1 against Gill College's 1st team.