Union High held their annual athletics day on Monday, 30 January. In very hot conditions, the participation of all the learners was overwhelming and the atmosphere electrifying. With so many events having taken place, the highlight of the day was the relay race between the senior boys and staff – the staff team won! Well done to all our learners for their contribution in making this a successful and fun-filled event and we wish to thank all our members of staff for officiating the event. At the end of the day the result was as follow: Arnott 818 and Daly 791
Individual results to follow soon.

The trophy winners were as follows:
Open Boys Sprints:  Ross Stanley
Open Girls Sprints:  Kelsey Minnaar
Open Boys Throwing Events:  Matthew Jones
Open Girls Throwing Events:  Anje Oelofsen
Open Boys Jumping Events:  Thando Haarmans
Open Girls Jumping Events:  Paige Hyland
Open Boys Field Events:  Ross Stanley
Open Girls Field Events:  Paige Hyland
Open Boys Long Distance Events:  Gerrit Brink
Open Girls Long Distance Events:  Sanje du Plessis

Most Creditable Performance of the Day
Marché Green – Girls U15 High Jump (1,40m) (765 points)

Victor/Victrix Ludorums
Boys U15 Matthew Carelse (2450 points)
Girls U15 Erin Mitchell (1585 points)
Boys U17 Matt Harpur (2735 points)
Girls U17 Sima Desemele (2040 points)
Boys Open Ross Stanley (2595 points)
Girls Open Kelsey Minnaar (1710 points)

We extend our congratulations to all the trophy winners and look forward to our athletes’ future performances.



The Union High School celebrated its 99th birthday over Founders' Weekend 27-29 January. The festivities began with the Founders' Assembly on Friday morning, a joint celebration between the Preparatory School and High School, the only occasion during the year when the two schools get together. On Founders’ Day the school pauses to recognise that parents, educators and learners before us, and the broader community, have given of themselves to build what we now enjoy. All the learners received a piece of special birthday cake as part of the celebration.

At the A.G.M. of the Graaff-Reinet branch of the Old Unionite Association, Mr John Crankshaw was elected Chairman, Mr Kevin Watermeyer Vice-chairman and Mr Greig Rose-Innes National Chairman. Mr Grant Hobson, who has served on OUA committees for many years stepped down.

The annual Union Triathlon took place on Friday afternoon and was a well-supported family event which provided everyone, no matter their fitness or lack thereof, with an opportunity to participate, attracting a good number of teams from in and around Graaff-Reinet. It was wonderful to see people of all ages gathering on Union's emerald green fields, keen for an afternoon of physical activity and mental challenge.

Participation was the name of the game at the Annual Union High Triathlon on Friday afternoon.
Triathlon Results
Junior School Girls:
1. 00:56:03 K. Krige, K. Shires, B. McNaughton
2. 01:10:39 B. Oelofse, A. Kroon, S. Kotshini
Junior School Boys:
1. 00:56:50 B. Hesselink, J. Langmead, K. Mhlabeni
2. 01:02:29 A. Erasmus, M. Ferreira, B. Thibini
Senior School Girls:
1. 00:41:41 S. Du Plessis, M. Doyle, J. McNaughton
2. 00:41:55 K. Rose-Innes, E. Russel, B. Langmead
3. 00:48:03 Lynette, Tinica, Sanmari
Senior School Boys:
1. 00:38:37 Shaheen, H.J, Llewellyn
2. 00:38:47 J.D, Jaco, Owen
3. 00:40:40 M. Harpur, M. Krige, M. Broeksma
1. 00:33:47 C. Muir, B. Muir, D. Muir
2. 00:41:52 R. Langmead, B. Langmead, D. Langmead
3. 00:43:40 B. Hesselink, M. Hesselink, M. Hesselink
Corporate/Club etc.:
1. 00:32:03 H. Sparrius, G. Brink, C. Brink
2. 00:33:57 A. van Rooyen, G. Jonker, E. Foedien
3. 00:45:51 S. Desemele, A. Brink, C. Russel
1. 00:39:24 A. van Rooyen
2. 00:41:53 C. Muir
3. 00:50:17 N. Keyser

Ironman winners

That evening, a Steak Evening hosted by the Old Unionite Association, was enjoyed by the entire community in the Tony Burrell Union. The atmosphere was one of good fellowship and camaraderie and was enjoyed by all as past pupils and parents all descend on the school and enjoy a weekend of festivity.

On Saturday, while the men were playing cricket, the moms and their daughters enjoyed a morning tea at the annual Gisela Kingwill Mother-Daughter Tea on the school lawns. It was a wonderful occasion where fun was had by all. The theme was “Into the Woods” and the front lawns of the school were beautifully decorated.
Mothers and daughters, all dressed in whimsical white, enjoyed the Gisela Kingwill Mother and Daughter Tea in the Union High Gardens.

Six cricket games from U/9 to 1st Team, between the boys and their fathers and past pupils, took place on the school fields and the Botanics Sportsgrounds. The day was filled with much laughter as this year the dads got the better of the junior boys, and some very competitive cricket was played between the senior boys and the Old Boys.

UHS U9 vs dads - The U9 boys won by 57 runs.
UHS U11 vs dads - No official score – just a fun game between boys and dads.
UHS U13A vs dads - The Old Boys won the match by 38 runs.
UHS U15A vs Old Boys - The U15 boys won by 3 runs.
UHS 2nd team vs Old Boys – The 2nd Team won
UHS 1st XI vs Old Boys - The Old Boys won by 183 runs.
1st XI player, Wiegard Brummer, and Old Unionite and father, Mr Johan Brummer, wishing each other good luck before the start of the match.
The following UHS cricket players received awards:
Bowen Langmead (Best Performing Player – Under 15), Ross Stanley (Captain of winning team – 2nd team), Matthew Broeksma (Best Performing Player – 2nd Team), Luke McNaughton (Best Bowler – 1st XI) and Ronan Retief (Best Batsman, Most Valuable Player and Best Performing Batsman – 1st XI)
In the early morning the moms (and dads) took on the junior girls in a fun hockey match. The Prep School’s Under 9 girls won 3-1, and the Under 10 girls lost 4-5. Then it was time for the Junior 1st Team vs the parents.
The parents were quick to the ball, despite being of the older generation. The girls fought back, but just could not get past the intimidating look of some of the moms, and lost the match 3-1.
The following junior UHS hockey players received awards:
The Player of the Match:  Chloe Shires
Best Defender:  Brigette Oelofsen
Most Promising Player:  Barbara McNaugton.
  In the late afternoon, the Old Girls took on the UHS 1st Team, which was won 3-0 by the 1st Team.
The following senior UHS hockey players received awards:
Anja Oelofsen received the prize for being the best defender on the day, and Kia Hoffman for scoring the best goal.
Thank you to all the Old Girls and Old Boys for a fantastic afternoon's hockey.

After a whirlwind of activity, the participants and supporters were able to wind down with a traditional Karoo braai in the Union. It was a wonderful weekend of good, clean family fun enjoyed by everyone concerned. The school extends its sincerest appreciation to the Old Unionite Association Committee for their organisation and hard work over the weekend, and to all those parents, friends and supporters of the school who made the effort to be part of the activities.


Union High congratulates Gerrit Brink on his selection as captain of the Eastern Province Biathlon Team who will be participating in an inter-provincial event in Oudtshoorn on Saturday, 4 February 2017. Well done, Gerrit. You are an example to athletes, young and old, and this honour is bestowed upon you for loyal determination and hard work.



Union High School is particularly grateful to Mr Pierre Le Grange of Hyundai Graaff-Reinet and Caltex for his very generous sponsorship of two Hyundai i10 motor vehicles for the school's professional hockey coach, Mr Geowynne Gamiet and 1st XV rugby coach, Mr Carl Bezuidenhout. This is the fifth year that Mr le Grange will be involved in UHS Hockey and the first for the rugby.
CAPTION : Mr Hannes Lombard (Senior Sports Administrator), Floris Steenkamp (Hyundai Graaff-Reinet, Mr Geowynne Gamiet (Professional Hockey Coach), Mr Pierre le Grange (Caltex and Hyundai Graaff-Reinet), Mr W. Pringle (Headmaster), Mr Carl Bezuidenhout (1st XI Rugby Coach) and Mr Joggie Vorster (Hyundai Graaff-Reinet).


Friday 27 January 2017
Founders’ Day Assembly
11:00 in the School Hall
All parents, Old Unionites and friends of Union High School are welcome to attend.

Old Unionite Association AGM (KAROO BRANCH)
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Karoo Branch of the Old Unionite Association will take place in the Tony Burrell Union on Friday, 27 January 2017, directly after the Founders' Day Assembly.

UHS Triathlon
Junior School Girls:  4:00
Junior School Boys:  14:30
Senior School Girls:  15:00
Senior School Boys:  15:30
Family:  16:00
Men:  16:30
Corporate/Club etc:  17:00
Iron Man/Woman:  17:30

Senior:  Cycle 10 km, Running 3 km, Swimming 10 lengths.
Junior:  Cycle 6 km , Running 3 km, Swimming 8 lenghts.

Steak Evening
After the Triathlon there will be a Steak Braai in the Union at R100 per head.
Bar Times: Friday opens 17:00

28 January 2017
Mother and Daughter Tea
Please join us on Saturday, 28 January, for the annual Gisela Kingwill Mother-and-Daughter Tea. Tickets are only R60 per person and are now available at the UHS Office. Please note that tickets are limited.

Great prizes are to be won and a David Langmead Mother-and-Daugter painting will also be auctioned!

Wear whimsical whte!

Old Boys Cricket
Time Team Field Format
U/9 vs Parents
U/11 vs Parents
U/13 vs Parents
U/15A vs Old Boys
2nd team vs Old Boys
1st XI vs Old Boys
Munnik Field
Puttick Field
Munnik Field
Puttick Field
Murray Field
Pro 20
Pro 20
Pro 20
40 Overs
40 Overs
50 Overs

The UHS 1st Cricket Team will have lunch with the Old Unionites in The Tony Burrell Union.
The 2nd, u/15 A and u/13 A Players will have lunch in UHS Tuck Shop.
Contact Greig Rose-Innes on 072 844 0808

Old Girls Hockey
First Junior Hockey at 7:30am
First Senior Hockey at 5:00pm

Contact Diane Murray on 082 929 3231

Braai at the Union
Bar Times: Saturday opens 17:00
Braai packs will be available at R80 per pack.

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool key will be available in The Union (please ensure adult supervision at all times and make sure swimming pool is locked after used).



In October 2011, a young Union High Grade 6 learner, Jean-Pierre Kruger, was diagnosed with Burckitt Limphoma. Burkitt lymphoma is a cancer associated with impaired immunity and is rapidly fatal if left untreated. However, JP went to Cape Town for treatment and received fortnightly chemotherapy and lumbar punches over a period of 3 months. Amongst all of the other side-effects associated with chemotherapy, JP lost all of his hair. He received his last treatment on the 7th of January 2012 and returned to school on the 21s of January, to start his Grade 7 year. On the 21st of January 2017 JP celebrated his 5th year in remission, which officially makes him cancer-free.

To celebrate this enormous occasion, and in support of JP, he and 15 of his friends decided to shave their heads – some not quite as courageous as the others. JP, Union High salutes your courage and bravery. You are a great asset to the school, and we wish you many healthy years! And to those who shaved their heads in support of JP, we applaud your friendship. May they last for many years to come!



Union High School was recently informed by WESSA Eco-Schools, South Africa that they have been awarded their Gold Eco-Schools Award for their 2016 efforts. 2017 is Union’s 4th year as partners of WESSA Eco-Schools. ‘Local and Global Issues’ is the new theme for this year, focusing on ‘floods and fire’. The school maintains its previous projects and also chooses a new project from each of its previous themes: Resources – Reducing the school’s annual electricity bill, Healthy Living – Revamping the Primary boy’s bathroom and Biodiversity – creating a worm farm. The themes and projects were introduced to the whole school during a recent Friday Assembly and each Eco Representative (2 from each class) received their badge of service. To follow our eco activities, visit and like our facebook page: UHS Eco-Life



On Friday 20 January, twenty-five learners from grades 5, 6 & 7 joined the UHS Eco Club. They  kicked off the term serving our community by picking up litter along route to their destination. They visited “Farmer Faan”, Fanie Bezuidenhout’s organic vegetable garden. Mr Bezuidenhout is a senior Geography educator at UHS and taught the children about his mobile weather station, soil types and how to test for acidity or alkalinity, the four important nutrients of good soil and crop rotation. They also learnt about sources of water and boreholes. The following vegetables were harvested during their visit: cucumber, spinach, butternut, pumpkin, radish and onion. This visit covered aspects of Healthy Living, Biodiversity and Local & Global Issues (food scarcity). Well done UHS Eco Warriors! 



A small group of athletes competed in a meeting on Saturday in Port Elizabeth. The following learners did particularly well:
Cameron Muir - 1st in the boys U17 section
Gerrit Brink - 2nd in the boys U19 section
Candice Russell - 2nd in the girls U17 section
Micela Loock - 3rd in the girls U17 section
From this weekend's results, as well as from meetings last year, the following learners have been selected to represent Eastern Province in an Inter-Provincial that is taking place on 4 February.
U13 Boys : EP 'C' - Corniel Vorster
U17 Boys : EP 'C' - Michael Krige and EP 'A' - Cameron Muir
U19 Boys : EP 'B' - Ross Stanley and EP 'A' - Gerrit Brink
U17 Girls : EP 'B' - Candice Russell and Micela Loock

This weekend the cricket 1st XI and Under 15s played their matches against Framesby.

1st XI - Declaration Match
Framesby won the toss and elected to bat first. Union's bowlers had a very good start and took a few fast wickets, but then let things slip with drop catches and Framesby finished their innings on 334 all out in 64 overs.
Union had a mountain to climb, but started off well with the bat. After 28 overs Union started losing wickets and eventually were bowled out in the 47th over.
Best Batsmen : Matt Harpur 20, Ocean Wilma 20, Trevor Moos 18 and Cowan Swartz 18
Best Bowlers : Matt Harpur 4 wickets, Sine Ndudula 2 and Cowan Swartz 2

Under 15s - 50 over Match
Union fielded first and did exceptionally well by restricting Framesby to 146 runs.
Brett Amsterdam took 4 wickets for 11 runs in 9 overs, Kyle-Luke du Preez took 4 for 33 in 9 overs and James Pringle took 2 for 21 in 9 overs.
Union started the run chase well with James Pringle and James Pienaar setting up a perfect start. Union reached the total of 128 for 2 wickets, but then a lack of application caused a collapse that saw a Framesby bowler taking two hat tricks and dismissed Union for 144. Brett Amsterdam top scored with 37 runs and Bowen Langmead scored 35.
Union lost by only 3 runs.

Senior Boys
The Top 8 senior tennis boys competed in the Settler's Cup Quadrangular tournament in Grahamstown on Sunday. In very hot conditions, Union drew 6 matches all with Kingswood, but were outplayed by very strong teams from Graeme College and St Andrews. The trophy was won by St Andrews.
Senior Girls
Also on Sunday, the Top 8 senior tennis girls took part in the annual quadrangular in Grahamstown. The girls excelled and won all their matches. Micela Loock, Kelly Rose-Innes, Jenna McNaughton and Jeanne-Marie Brummer were unbeaten throughout the day.
Final Scores :
UHS 7 - DSG 5
UHS 11 - Kingswood 1
UHS 12 - Victoria Girls 0



During break on Monday morning, the prefects and some matrics of Union High showed the Grade 8 class that in 2017 they will lead through service to the school and their fellow learners. What came as a shock to the Grade 8s, the matrics showed that seniority could humble itself, by stooping down, to wash the Grade 8s feet. With buckets of water on the floor and towels in hand, the matrics endeavoured to show that 2017 is to be a year marked by servant leadership, in the hope that the young ones themselves would be inspired to serve others – not because they are weak, but rather because of their strength!



Teenagers…what images and words come to mind? If you are like most us, the first thoughts will be negative: wild, irresponsible, immoral, violent and dishonest! However, at Union High honesty still exists.
As our young Grade 8 learners are still getting used to the idea of carrying a tablet around, instead of a bag of textbooks, it does happen that a tablet gets left behind or forgotten. And in today’s age one would assume that, once picked up by someone else, that tablet would be gone forever.
Ikhona Koeberg, a Grade 11 learner at Union High, found a tablet on the school’s sports field. This morning he handed it in at the school office and it was safely handed back to a distraught Grade 8 learner, having thought that her tablet was gone forever.
Thank you, Ikhona, for your honesty and integrity!



On Saturday morning the Graaff-Reinet Scout Troop set off on their annual hike up Nardouberg on the farm of Mr Kobus Olivier. Scout Trouper, Mr Bruce Maree, decided to take the boys’ food away and with only water, sent them off on their hike with the words: “Enjoy the hike, boys!”
The first day was very challenging as the terrain and steep ascent was a test for even the fittest of boys who had to assist some of the younger boys along the way. After an exhausting hike, they spent the night on top of the mountain.
On Sunday morning they climbed the last bit, to sign their names in the visitors’ book and enjoyed the breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains. It was then time for the descent back down to the farmhouse, which took them longer than they expected. The exhausted hikers all made it back safely and ended their weekend with a get-together around the fire, with boerewors and juice.
It was an awesome experience for our young men to enjoy the wonder of the Karoo in overcoming the challenge before them in a spirit of co-operation and true grit.



At the Academic Awards Assembly, held on Friday, 13 January, the following learners were awarded academic prizes based on their results at the end of 2016. Union High wishes to congratulate these learners on their achievements and to thank them for their commitment.

Based on the results of 2016

GRADE 7 (Based on Grade 6 results of 2016)

GRADE 8 (Based on Grade 7 results of 2016)

GRADE 9 (Based on Grade 8 results of 2016)

GRADE 10 (Based on Grade 9 results of 2016)
MEGAN DOYLE (re-award)
ETHAN GEDULT (re-award)
ZINTLE MAKI (re-award)
YU-PEI RONG (re-award)

GRADE 11 (Based on Grade 10 results of 2016)
Half colours

Full colours

GRADE 12 (Based on Grade 11 results of 2016)
Half colours

Full colours
GERRIT BRINK (re-award)
AMY CHAPLIN (re-award)
TIMONY MILLER (re-award)
ANJE OELOFSEN (re-award)

Junior Department 
Back (from left to right): Siphosethu Malotana, Kyle-Luke du Preez (re-award), Hannah Bodenstein, Carmen Beaumont (re-award), Hannah Watermeyer (re-award) and James Rose-Innes (re-award)
Middle (left to right): Gemma Naude, Jamie Rudlin, Anna Pringle, Caitrin Spence, Shayna Japhta and Matthew Basson
Front (left to right): Brent Hesselink, Cadee Arends and Brigette Oelofsen
Absent: Amzolele Relu 
Senior Department 
Back (left to right): Cohen Pieterse (full colours), Sanja du Plessis, Timony Miller (full colours re-award), Amanda Brink (full colours), Michael Krige (half-colours), Jean-Pierre Kruger (full colours re-award),
Yu-Pei Rong (academic tie re-award), Eben van Heerden (half-colours),
Megan Doyle (academic tie re-award), Kerrin Kingwill (full colours re-award) and
Peter Watermeyer (academic tie re-award).

Middle (left to right): Erin O’Halloran (academic tie), Rebecca Langmead (full colours),
Bowen Langmead (academic tie), Likho Zwakala (half-colours), Kelly Rose-Innes (full colours),
Gerrit Brink (full colours re-award), Jade Shires (academic tie), Megan Meintjes (half-colours),
Zintle Maki (academic tie re-award), Jenna McNaughton (academic tie re-award),
Bridget Stander (academic tie).

Front (left to right): Uthimna Somi (full colours), Sara Kingwill (academic tie),
Matthew Hesselink (academic tie), Ethan Gedult (academic tie re-award), Taylyn Miller (academic tie), Anje Oelofsen (full colours re-award), Amy Chaplin (full colours re-award),
Jeanne-Marie Brummer (academic tie), Kirsten van den Berg (full colours).


It’s been a tiring but happy week for these girls and boys who make up the entry level of our unique High School. Most of them have come up from Union Preparatory School, but there are a few learners who are new to the Union family. Union High School welcomes the Grade 5s and wishes them a very happy high school career as they embrace our values: hard work, kindness, respect & responsibility.
(photo of Grade 5s and their teachers, Mrs Nell and Miss Street)


The average pass rate acquired by Union High School Class of 2016 is 93,8%. 65 learners wrote the NCS examination in 2016. Four learners did not meet the promotion requirements.
Wendy-Lee Scott achieved an overall A-aggregate with 3 distinctions.
Ann-Marie Rossouw passed her examinations with 3 distinctions.
The following learners achieved 2 distinctions: Kayla Hobson, Roche-Lynne Japhta and Amy Lee Kroon.
The following learners achieved 1 distinction: Rezayda Baartman, Lukhona Dibi, Ricardo Filander, Jade Hanbidge, Mikyla Langeveldt, Kyla van Staden and Zoe Kalebe-Mwanza.
27 learners passed with admission to Bachelor’s Degree studies. A further 29 learners passed with admission to Diploma Studies and 4 learners passed with admission to Certificate Studies.
We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all stakeholders who supported the school and learners throughout their schooling career. Hats-off to a set of excellent educators, who under guidance of the headmaster, do their utmost best to prepare these learners to fulfil their roles and responsibilities in society as a whole. As a school community we celebrate and embrace the fine performance of our products.



Despite the much needed rain, Graaff- Reinet was once again filled with quality cricketing schools from all over South Africa attending the Annual Union High School Cricket Festival, held from 5-7 January. Ten teams participated in the Cricket Festival, which stirred up great excitement and the quality of cricket which was played was excellent.
Although the weather played a big part in the festival this year, we still managed to play a lot of the planned fixtures. Unfortunately, Union, as the hosting side, had to stand back some days so that other visiting teams could play. Most of the teams could play all four of their matches and some teams played three. 
The teams hosted this year were Paarl Boys High, Paarl Gym, Marlow, Pinelands, Daniel Pienaar, Stirling, Upington High, Brandwag and Grey High School, and we wish to thank them for sacrificing part of their holidays to attend our cricket festival.

Everybody enjoyed the festival and we received positive feedback throughout. The most successful team of the festival was Paarl Boys High, winning all four of their matches.
Looking at the results, the Union 1st XI did not have the most successful tournament, but the team is young, will grow immensely this year and will be a very competitive side. The team is working hard and they will be a force to be reckoned with.

We want to thank our sponsors, Union Staff, as well as our parents, for their immeasurable contribution to the Cricket Festival. We would also like to thank the Botanics Sports Club, Volkskool and Asante Sana Staff for the use of their facilities. Special thanks must go to Mr Donald Kingwill for the maintenance and preparation of the UHS sports field, especially getting rid of the water on the fields. His hard work and dedication enables the Union Staff and the community to be proud of the Union High School facilities. Lastly we wish to thank our boys for their commitment and their effort. We are excited for what lies ahead for the rest of the cricket season.


Union High School is grateful Mr Johan Brummer for sponsoring the Union High 1st XI Cricket Team’s playing tops and warm-up caps, and also to Mrs Ronel Retief of Klawervlei for her sponsorship of the team’s warm-up tops. The boys are very proud to be wearing their team clothing and wish to thank Mr Brummer and Mrs Retief for their generosity and support. The School is grateful for the generosity of our parents and businesses in our community in the form of sponsorships, whether it is sponsoring a festival or a team’s clothing for the season.



During the December holidays, seven of Union High’s cricket players represented the Under 17 Eastern Province Country Districts’ Team and attended National Week in Nelspruit. We wish to congratulate Brett Amsterdam, who was selected for the South African Under 17 Rural Cricket Team. Well done, Brett, you have a great cricketing future ahead of you!



Towards the end of the fourth term last year Union High held an eco-competition. The learners had to create a name for our school’s Eco facebook page. Matthew Basson, then a grade 6 learner, by far won the most votes for his creation, UHS Eco-Life. We thank all learners who took part in the competition and congratulate Matthew (now in grade 7) on the winning name.
We wish to encourage all our learners, parents and the community to visit and “like” the UHS Eco-Life Facebook page. This way you can stay in touch with all the eco-activities that Union High participates in.