30 JUNE - 3 JULY 2017 

Brought to you by College Motors

It is always a privilege to be able to host an event of this nature. The generous sponsorship from Caltex College Motors/ Fresh Stop and Hyundai Graaff-Reinet has afforded the Union High School and all involved this wonderful opportunity in Sport, and for this we wish to thank Mr Pierre le Grange most sincerely for supporting this highlight of the winter season. We take pride in our association with his companies.

Our Rugby and Hockey Festival has always tried to convey the idea that winning at all costs is neither the desired nor sole purpose connected to this occasion. On the contrary, the most essential objective of the event is the fostering of educational principles such as sportsmanship and camaraderie, and the opportunity to establish possible life-long friendships within an atmosphere of conviviality, enjoyment and healthy rivalry. We therefore appeal to all role players to make the most of this special occasion.

On behalf of the Union High School and the whole of Graaff-Reinet we trust that all our visitors will thoroughly enjoy their Karoo experience and depart having gained a sense of real achievement and much enjoyment.
Saturday, 1 July
Time FIELD:  UHS Puttick
10:00 Komga Junior vs Laer Volkskool
11:00 Muir College vs Lilyfontein School
12:00 Stirling Primary vs Grey Junior
13:00 Hudson Park Primary vs Clarendon Park Primary
14:00 De Hoop Primary vs Graeme College
15:00 Gonubie Primary vs Westering Primary
16:00 Union High School vs Summerwood Primary
Sunday, 2 July
Time FIELD:  UHS Puttick
10:00 Clarendon Park Primary vs Komga Junior
11:00 Gonubie Primary vs Summerwood Primary
12:00 Lilyfontein School vs Grey Junior
13:00 Muir College vs De Hoop Primary
14:00 Hudson Park Primary vs Westering Primary
15:00 Laer Volkskool vs Graeme College
16:00 Union High School vs Stirling Primary
Monday, 3 July
Time FIELD:  UHS Puttick
08:30 De Hoop Primary vs Hudson Park Primary
09:15 Grey Junior vs Gonubie Primary
10:00 Graeme College vs Summerwood Primary
10:45 Muir College vs Komga Junior
11:30 Westering Primary vs Stirling Primary
12:15 Laer Volkskool vs Clarendon Park Primary
13:00 Union High School vs Lilyfontein School
Saturday, 1 July
Time FIELD:  UHS Astro
09:00 Union High School vs De Hoop Primary
09:35 Collegiate Junior vs Stirling Primary
10:10 Erica Girls’ Primary vs Gonubie Primary
10:45 Komga Junior vs Lorraine primary
11:20 Lilyfontein School vs Laer Volkskool
11:55  Summerwood Primary vs Victoria Primary
12:30 Union High Invitation vs Westering Primary
13:05 Clarendon Park Primary vs De Hoop Primary
13:40 Union High School vs Gonubie Primary
14:15 Collegiate Junior vs Komga Junior
14:50 Erica Girls’ Primary vs Lilyfontein School
15:25 Stirling Primary vs Westering Primary
16:00 Clarendon Park Primary vs Victoria Primary
16:35 Union High Invitation vs Summerwood Primary
17:10 Laer Volkskool vs Lorraine Primary
Sunday, 2 July
Time FIELD:  UHS Astro
07:30 Union High Invitation vs Clarendon Park Primary
08:10 Westering Primary vs Laer Volkskool
08:50 Collegiate Junior vs De Hoop Primary
09:30 Union High School vs Komga Junior
10:10 Stirling Primary vs Summerwood Primary
10:50 Lilyfontein School vs Lorraine Primary
11:30 Erica Girls’ Primary vs Victoria Primary
12:10 Gonubie Primary vs Union High Invitation
12:50 Clarendon Park Primary vs Laer Volkskool
13:30 Westering Primary vs Komga Junior
14:10 Collegiate Junior vs Summerwood Primary
14:50 Stirling Primary vs Erica Girls’ Primary
15:30 Union High School vs Lilyfontein School
16:10 Gonubie Primary vs De Hoop Primary
16:50 Lorraine Primary vs Victoria Primary
Monday, 3 July
Time FIELD:  UHS Astro
07:30 Erica Girls’ Primary vs Laer Volkskool
08:10 Komga Junior vs De Hoop Primary
08:50  Lorraine Primary vs Gonubie Primary
09:30 Clarendon Park Primary vs Collegiate Junior
10:10 Lilyfontein School vs Summerwood Primary
10:50 Victoria Primary vs Westering Primary
11:30 Union High School vs Stirling Primary



Union High School vs Graeme College
1st XV report
The First Team lost 19 - 43 to a strong Graeme College side on Saturday. Despite the bloated score line, it was an excellent spectacle with both sides playing quality rugby. We were competitive throughout the match and scored two brilliantly constructed tries through Matthew Broeksma and Cohen Pieterse. Matt Harpur kicked three penalties. The difference between the two teams was perhaps the fact that our opponents were ruthless on counter-attack each time we surrendered possession through an error. If we had just reduced our number of unforced errors in the opposition territory, we might have been able to convert our dominant possession into points. This is certainly a valuable lesson we have learnt going into the next part of the season in the Third Term.

1st XV:  19 - 43
2nd Team:  5 - 56
U/16A:  34 - 31
3rd Team:  7 - 55
U/15A:  10 - 38
U/15B:  0 - 5
U/14A:  14 - 38
U/13A:  17 - 38
U/13B:  14 - 52
U/11A:  19 - 21



On Thursday 22 June 2017 the UHS Grade 11 Accounting class left to Port Elizabeth/Uitenhage for their first Accounting excursion. The trip however could not start without stopping at Fresh Stop for refreshments. Thank you to College Motors and Fresh Stop for their generous support and sponsorship. Upon arrival in Port Elizabeth we stopped at NMMU South Campus where the learners enjoyed a walk around the campus. Thereafter the touring party checked into the Parkview Lodge where they dined and slept. Breakfast, prepared by SMA Inspiring Events Pty, was thoroughly enjoyed by the learners. The evening entertainment included a trip to Baywest Mall where some enjoyed ice skating, went to the movies, play park or just enjoyed good coffee and cake.

On Friday morning 23 June 2017 we visited the Volkswagen Plant in Uitenhage. There the learners were treated to a factory tour and witnessed how the Polo Vivo gets assembled. After the factory tour it was off to the Volkswagen Museum where our learners had lots of fun. At 11:30 we had a seminar a KPMG where our learners were addressed by employees of the different departments from KPMG, definitely broadening their views on the Accounting field. Lunch was enjoyed at the beachfront where the learners were spoiled for choice. We arrived back in Graaff–Reinet on Friday evening and judging from how tired the learners were, it would be fair to the trip was a great success.

What some of the learners had to say:
Likho Zwakala: “We are really grateful for a wonderful trip; it broadened our perspective about Accounting.”
Kelly Rose-Innes: “On Thursday we left as 19 Accounting students, on Friday we came back as 19 enthusiastic, prospective business men, women and Accountants.”
Ronan Potgieter: “The Accounting excursion was an amazing experience.”
Zita Jacobs: “… We enjoyed a lovely talk at KPMG that opened our eyes to more career options.”
Amanda Brink: “The excursion was a wonderful experience. The outings were fun, interesting and very educational. Getting exposure to the Accounting world showed me what an interesting career field it can be.”
I would like to thank all the stakeholders that made it possible for us to have our first Accounting Excursion, especially Mrs Felix who assisted.. The learners’ behaviour was great and we look forward to many more educational excursions in the future.
Mr Felix and Mrs Felix



On Thursday, 15 June, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr Derek Light, signed the contract with Mr Raymond Smith of Perfecto Builders, for the construction of the new Union Pre-school on the corner of Park and Donkin Streets. The construction of the building, designed by Mr Bernie Weyer of Waterston Weyer Roon Architects, will commence on 3 July 2017 and will be completed and handed over to the Union Pre-school Governing Body on 11 December 2017. The new school, which will boast four large classrooms and modern facilities, will be open to receive learners in January 2018. It is situated conveniently opposite the high school and will allow the pre-school learners access to all of the school’s facilities and fields.



Union High School vs Westering High School
The First team played against Westering in an away fixture on Saturday. Conditions were challenging and it seemed to disrupt us and throw us off our game. After scoring two excellent tries early on through Matt Harpur and Ross Stanley, we lost our focus and got distracted by off the ball happenings. We made far too many errors and conceded regular turnovers at the breakdown, which allowed the opponents to dictate the game and keep us pinned in our territory. Trailing 12-17 with 5 minutes remaining in the match, Terrence Siyaya barged over the line from close range to level the scores. Matt Harpur held his nerve to convert, giving us a slender 2-point lead. We fortunately held on to win the match 19-17.
1st XV:  19 - 17
2nd:  55 - 25
U/16:  41 - 5
U/15:  29 - 12
U/14:  14 - 14

1st Team Report vs Westering
On Saturday the 1st Hockey Team took on Westering in the last game of the first half of the season. The girls started off slowly, but were in control of the game from the first minute and went into the break 2-0 ahead. Our girls went into the second half knowing that nothing less than their best would be acceptable and they needed to show true character and grit. I must applaud the girls for how they responded, as they have done all year. They managed to score a goal in the dying seconds which is an indication of their will to work until the very end. The final score was 8-0 in Union’s favour.
1st Team hockey statistics for the first half of the season are very impressive, the results of the hard work the girls have put in this year. They have played 26 games, won 18, lost 4 and drawn 4, scoring 128 goals (averaging 4.9 goals per game) and conceding just 15 goals.

1st Team:  8 - 0
2nd Team:  2 - 1
U/16A:  11 - 1
U/16B:  3 - 0
3rd:  1 - 0

Congratulations are extended to Micela Loock on her selection as
vice-captain of the Eastern Province



On Friday afternoon 9 June UHS held their annual Eco-Amazing Race. This year teams were limited to UHS learners, particularly those who are Eco Representatives. Teams consisted of four learners of different gender and ages, working together to solve riddles and clues, conquer physical challenges and answer questionnaires. UHS educators and the staff of The Old Library Museum organized and managed stations.

The race started at school with a sporting challenge that entailed both brains and brawn, and then the teams followed a clue that led them to the Old Library Museum where they gained knowledge about Rock Art, Paleontology, Fracking and Renewable Energy Resources. It was a challenging station that gave teams with good leadership and teamwork the edge, sorting the ‘men from the boys’. From there the teams raced to Blue Magnolia where their scientific and indigenous species knowledge was tested. Teams were required to collect certain facts along the way back to school which they had to use to solve mathematical problems. Following that, agility, strength, balance, ball skills and team work were tested at an interesting obstacle course and finally the teams had to make their own sandwiches to specification, before reporting to the finishing line. A healthy competitive spirit prevailed and those teams who had strong leaders certainly had an advantage, like the winning team who was led by Johan Vorster, Springbok Scout. Congratulations to the winning team: Johan Vorster, Peter Watermeyer, Kayla Jaftha and Anna Pringle who each received a Spur voucher of R200. Well done to those who came 2nd and 3rd, receiving vouchers from Brian Bands and XTT respectively. Compliments are extended to all teams for completing the race and having a zero injury rating. Thanks also go to all assisting adults for an afternoon of fun activities that extended the learners in so many different and challenging ways.

We are, as always, most grateful to our generous sponsors, Spur, Brian Bands, XTT and Spandou Spar, as well as to our partners, The Old Library Museum and Blue Magnolia. We thank you and appreciate your continued support with our school’s eco activities.



Union High School vs Winterberg Agricultural High School
In what were less than ideal conditions, the Union 1st rugby team managed to beat Winterberg 44 – 15. With the wind at their back, Union dominated territory and possession to gain a 27 – 8 lead at half-time. The Union boys seemed to stray from their plans in the second half and made basic errors. This allowed Winterberg to utilise the conditions and put Union under pressure. Once they had regained composure and simplified their attack, Union was able to stretch their lead and close the game. The Union try scorers were Ross Stanley (2), Matt Harpur (2), Luthando Skapu, Cowan Swartz and Matthew Broeksma.

1st XV:  44 - 15
2nd:  15 - 10
U/16:  34 - 15
U/15:  7 - 23
U/14:  14 - 10

UHS u/16B vs WAHS 1st Team:  5 - 0


Union High's 1st and 2nd junior hockey teams travelled to Port Elizabeth this weekend to participate in the St George's Preparatory Hockey Festival.

On a day plagued by illness and injury in both our teams, Union ended up fielding two fairly depleted teams in the tournament. A special thank you to Clarendon Primary, who lent Union's 2nd team a player for the last game, in order to prevent them from playing with one player short; and also so Sunridge Park Primary, who gave their permission to do so. It is wonderful to see such sportsmanship and camaraderie in the hockey community.

Without the luxury of substitution, the hot, windy conditions and constant pressure from the strong opponents took a toll on the girls and left them a little ragged by the end of the morning. Both teams had tough draws against some of the bigger schools in the region, but played with gutsy determination to keep the scores relatively level.

Despite having quite a few opportunities, our only goal for the day came from Jamie Jaftha after some lovely supportive team play.
2nd Team
Union 0 - Erica 0
Union 0 - Summerwood 1
Union 0 - Sundridge Park 1
1st team
Union 0 - DSG 0
Union 1 - Summerwood 1
Union 0 - St Georges Prep 0


Loyal Eco Clubbers enjoyed a reward outing to Ganora Farm, near Nieu Bethesda this past weekend. They did quite a bit of hiking, learnt about the San and Khoi peoples, as well as, medicinal plants from Punti, their guide. Lots of fresh air, exercise, learning, good food and fun was had by all.



Union High School is proud to announce the achievement of their Gold Eco-Schools Award for their 2016's eco efforts. To celebrate this milestone, stickers with the Eco-Schools logo were made for all the vehicles and prominent places in the school, and each Union High learner received a small sticker for their school  bag or tablet bag. These stickers are a good reinforcement of Union’s Eco-School status and also serve to remind all learners how much UHS values Environmental Education. 

Ingrid Kingwill, Youth Pastor at The Assembly Church, and Rosemary Scheepers, Education Manager at our local SANParks office, prepared a thoughtful message about 'Humans as good Stewards of our Environment' for our special World Environment Day Assembly on Friday 2 June. Thanks are extended to both The Assembly Church and SANParks for their continued partnership in the education the youth of our town.



Union High School vs Cradock Primary

Team Results      
U/13A 15 - 17      
U/13B 5 - 35      
Team Results      
1st Jnr 1 - 2      
2nd Jnr 1 - 0      
3rd Jnr 0 - 0      
4th Jnr 0 - 0      


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