Union High School

Termly Newsletter

30 September 2017

Dear Parents
Another busy school term has passed and as I reflect on all of the activities that have taken place, I am left with a deep sense of satisfaction at not only the achievements of our learners, but also the general feel of the school and the academic tone that has prevailed this term. Our school is a happy school, which continues to set high standards.

Staff Matters
Mrs Suzanne Marais has been appointed Headmaster’s Secretary and joins the staff from 9 October. We are delighted to have acquired her services and look forward to visitors to our school being warmly received. Mrs Elsabe Moos has accepted a position as School Receptionist and will join the staff from 9 October. We look forward to her arrival. Mr Stephen Bezuidenhout joins the staff, initially in a Sports Department position with a view to joining the teaching staff in 2018. We look forward to the contribution that he will make.

Academic Matters
Many of our learners have realised their academic potential and are committed to their academic journey, and I am grateful for this. However, there are many learners who do not fulfil their academic obligations, and the vast majority of demerits issued are for “Homework not done”. Your child’s education is a partnership with the school, and preparation for tests and exams and the completion of assignments and daily tasks must be supervised at home by parents. There are many learners who run the risk of not being promoted at the end of the year, and should your child fall into this category, it is time to take decisive action. Please supervise homework and study time, supervise online activity and cell phone use, encourage your children to read good books and to participate in healthy outdoor activity, whether at school or beyond.

No parent can claim to be uninformed of their child’s academic performance, and we will not entertain such comments at the end of the year. I ask you to support our efforts by taking control of your children’s after-school and weekend routines.

Please make a point of studying your child’s report with care. Feel free to arrange to meet with educators should you have any queries. Our Grade 12’s, in particular, have a busy time ahead if they are to do justice to their academic futures. I would like to urge parents to make every effort to assist and to encourage your Grade 12 sons and daughters to make full use of the time available to them.

I would like to congratulate learners who have achieved well during this term. At the same time I must call on those who have not performed well, to make every effort to improve their marks during these last few weeks. This is the last chance for some of our learners to get their marks up to the required standard if they are to be promoted to the next grade. Parents are also urged to play a role in this. Please note that the reports will reflect whether or not your child is in danger of not being promoted – there is no reason at all for any parent to say, at the end of the year, that he or she was unaware of the fact that his/her child was not achieving the necessary standards.

I must urge you as parents to play an active part in encouraging and helping your sons and daughters to achieve as well as possible. Your motivation and interest is vital if your children are to be successful in school. Please encourage your children to co-operate with educators and to do their best. The more time teachers have to spend disciplining children, the less time they have available for positive teaching.

During this term, an extensive extra-lesson programme for Grade 12’s has taken place. The teaching staff has gone the extra mile and I trust that this will impact positively on the Grade 12 results.

On 3 August, a Grade 8-12 Parents’ Meeting was held in the school hall. Parents enjoyed a presentation on University Admission Requirements, while Grade 9 Parents were guided through subject choices for Grade 10 by Mrs Scott. Grade 8 & 10-12 parents met with register class teachers for 15 minutes in register class rooms and an opportunity was provided for parents to meet with individual subject teachers on learner progress in subject teachers’ class rooms.

The Primary Department learners participated in the annual Conquesta Olympiads from 14-15 August.

Please Note: Pass requirements for 2017 are identical to those that were applicable at the end of 2016. Pay particular attention to requirements pertaining to Gr 7-9: Mathematics (40%); to Languages (50% for English HL, 40% for Afrikaans FAL), of the remaining subjects 3 at level 3 (40%) and 2 at level 2 (30%). It is obligatory to pass all subjects at the required levels otherwise a learner is NOT ready to proceed to the next grade. In Grades 10 – 12 a learner MUST achieve a minimum of 40% in 3 subjects of which English Home Language is one and 30% in 2 of the remaining subjects. Please understand that these requirements are not at the discretion of the school. Should a learner not achieve the minimum standards, the learner will repeat the grade.

In the event of your child being absent from school for a formal test or examination, a valid doctor’s certificate must be handed in at the office. Failure to do so will result in your child getting no mark for that specific paper.

Grade 11 Mathematics camp: The 4th annual Maths Camp took place in Nieu-Bethesda. Ian and Katrin Alleman initiated this collaboration with Gustaf Weich (Regional Director of Operational excellence, Aurecon); Daniel Boegli (a retired engineer); Elsie Weich (artist) and Mr Elrich Jantjies - in a bid to expose learners to maths outside the classroom both literally and figuratively, and to ‘inspire the learners to see the pervasiveness and utility of maths.’

Topics covered were the Fibonacci numbers, the golden ratio and fractals. The learners enthused about making a ‘Menger Sponge’ from 2400 business cards. This is a ‘fractal curve’ that was first described by Karl Menger in 1926 in his studies of the concept of topological dimension. It was wonderful to see these learners genuinely enthralled and passionate about this concept and how they had managed to create their own Menger sponge in Nieu-Bethesda. Learner, Cameron Muir, explained how the sponge that his classmates made will be displayed in the school foyer and will be submitted to the Queen Mary University of London for inclusion in the Mega Menger website.

The kindness and generosity of Ian and Katrin did not go unnoticed. The group of 20 was well fed and accommodated for the entire weekend and the learners expressed their gratitude for this magnanimous gesture. Nieu-Bethesda is the perfect place for such a weekend. The learners were safe to explore the village on their own accord, some learned to ride bicycles in the dusty streets, they visited the quirky shops and restaurants, got to know some of the local dogs, and were generally well rewarded for their hard work over their high school years. The Grade 11 maths formal class came away with fresh ideas, inspired minds and a passionate approach to the subject of Mathematics.

Grade 10 Odyssey: The Gr 10 Class participated in this venture during the last week of the term. It was a four-day outdoor adventure where a variety of life and educational activities occurred. I thank all parents and friends of the school who have assisted in the realization of this project, and thank especially Mr and Mrs Watermeyer and Mr and Mrs Langmead for their initiative and hard work.

Generosity Project: A whole-school project has been very successful thanks to the generosity of our learners and community. The funds raised are assisting an eighteen-year-old girl from Aberdeen who shows much academic potential. She has an intense desire to complete her schooling, but lacks basic necessities such as clothing, toiletries, food and stationery. Thus, the last Wednesday of every month is Generosity Day, and we make a contribution to the Christian Social Services to support needy children. We are very grateful for your support.

Grade 5 Excursion
Thirty-seven excited Grade 5s set off for the Oudtshoorn district. Ms Street, Mrs Nell and Mr Trevor Zale went with them. They arrived at the Wildlife Ranch in Oudtshoorn and a guide took them through the different sections, sharing interesting information. Leaving the Wildlife Ranch they made their way to their accommodation at Cango Mountain Resort. The first night was full of excitement and after a delicious supper of lazagne made by Mrs Mahomed, it was lights out by 10pm.

Tuesday morning was rainy and cold and after breakfast they headed for Wilgewandel Holiday Farm. Here the Grade 5s were divided into two teams and the teams selected their own leaders. The groups learned about pioneering and had to survive as the San people did long ago. Next up was an afternoon visit to the Cango Ostrich Farm, but they had to go and change into dry, warm clothes first. At the Ostrich Farm the children were taught interesting facts about ostriches. After an early supper of hamburgers and salad, they held a talent show and prizes were issued. It was lights out at 9pm. They were up early on Wednesday morning and after breakfast packed up and headed for the magnificent Cango Caves. The tour guide taught them about the discovery and history of the cave, stalactites and stalagmites. It was truly an exciting excursion that was enjoyed by all.

Grade 6 Excursion: A very excited Grade 6 group left for Kirkwood late in August. They arrived at African Imprint Outdoor Centre shortly before lunch time and the children enjoyed a picnic-style lunch around the trampolines and braai area. In groups, they were put through their paces in a variety of activities including canoeing down the river, building a canon, braving an obstacle course, and many other physically challenging tasks which tested their balance, co-ordination and sometimes their courage!

On the second day, they awoke to drumming rain on the roof and very sleepy, quiet children. The trip to the Addo Elephant Park was brought forward by a day. They saw much beautiful wild life; zebras, kudus, widebeest, warthogs and springbuck, but the elephants remained elusive. The final day arrived far too soon and all our learners and teachers felt that they would have enjoyed an extra day in the country-side. We would like to thank Mrs Vorster, Mrs Venter and Mrs Rose-Innes looking after our Grade 6 group so diligently.

Grade 10 Science Excursion: On Wednesday, 30 August the Grade 10 Science class went on an excursion to the water purification works and Graaff-Reinet surrounds. They got off to an early start, visiting the Nqweba dam first in order to conduct quality tests on the water. The morning was cold but the setting was very tranquil and peaceful with the water as still as a mirror, with gemsbok grazing on the far bank. Using a test kit the learners conducted their water tests in groups, testing factors such as pH, water turbidity, dissolved oxygen and hardness.

Thereafter they proceeded to test the furrow water (Mackie’s Pitt water), that floods our fields at regular intervals, at the point where it emerges out of the ground at the top end of Cradock Street. Having one complete set of tests under their belts the groups were by now ‘pros’ and the testing proceeded much quicker.

The learners were then dropped off at the Camdeboo Muncipality Water Filtration works where they were taken through the steps used in purifying dam water to make it usable for household use. Mr Niemand, our guide, told us that the water levels in the dam were now at 16 % and a further 5 % drop will render it unusable at the plant, with water then being obtained from boreholes, of which there are about 18 available in the surrounding area. Already, because the water level is so low, there is an increase in the amount of algae and silt entering the filtration system causing the filters to have to be cleaned up to three times per day. Mr Niemand reminded the learners how important it is to use our water sparingly and responsibly.

After an interesting morning the group returned to school where they concluded the excursion by conducting quality tests on tap water and borehole water. Using information from the excursion the learners will be completing a project where they will compare the different water sources they tested as well as prepare a step by step flowchart on water purification.

The current Grade 7’s will be working on tablets in 2018. Parents were informed of this early in the year and asked to make provision for this expense. The cellular network companies have discontinued the Samsung Galaxy A tablet as a contract option and are promoting the Samsung Galaxy E tablet as an alternative. PLEASE NOTE this device does NOT meet with the minimum specifications for the miEbooks system. Please consult Mr Donovan Burger at Compu-Serve at 23 Church Street, opposite the old post office. His contact details are: 049 8910084/5 or csv@wam.co.za.

Discipline Matters
The Interact Committee and R.C.L. (Representative Council of Learners) attended an anti-bullying workshop conducted by drama therapist, Mrs Paula Kingwill. This was the first step in creating an awareness in the school community of the scourge of bullying, and the devastating effect that bullying can have on children, and on adults.

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behaviour among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behaviour is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumours, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

There are many roles that children can play. Children can bully others, they can be bullied, or they may witness bullying. When children are involved in bullying, they often play more than one role. It is important to understand the multiple roles children play in order to prevent and respond to bullying effectively.

Through creative role play and group work, the learners were led through various scenarios which provided insight into why bullying occurs and they were provided with strategies to combat bullying, and how to support victims and bullies themselves. More workshops have been scheduled to roll this campaign out to the rest of the school in order to create an even safer and happier environment for all of our learners. The school management, who attended the workshop, is committed to facing this challenge head-on to ensure that bullying in all its guises is not welcome at UHS.
A follow-up meeting with newly-elected RCL members was held on Thursday 7 September. Also a letter box where learners can report incidents of bullying to school management has been erected, as well as signage around the school building.

Sports matters
(Detailed reports on sports results are available on the Website, School Communicator and our Facebook page.)

Participation in organised school sport has been an integral part of holistic education for centuries and is part of educating the whole person. Organised sport raises the aspirations and improves the behaviour of young people, gives them a purpose and a sense of belonging. Should your child not be committed to a sport, he or she is being alienated from a large part of the ethos of this school. I urge you to support us in ensuring that your child is fully involved. As they say, idle hands are the devil’s playthings.

The 18th Annual Anne Beagley Junior Rugby and Hockey Festival was opened by Mrs Yvette Cloete on the Puttick Field on Saturday 1 July 2017. Twenty-nine rugby and hockey teams marched across the field, proudly displaying their school banners in a moving ceremony. Teams from as far afield as Somerset West, Komga, Grahamstown, East London and Port Elizabeth, competed on both the rugby and hockey fields.

We wish to thank our dedicated sponsors, College Motors, Hyundai, Caltex and Powerade for their contribution to the Union sports festivals. Without their support, a festival of this magnitude will surely not be possible.

Our teams’ results were as follows:
RUGBY: vs Summerwood Primary 19-26; vs Stirling Primary 0-54; vs Lilyfontein Primary 48- 7.
1st Junior: vs De Hoop Primary 0-1; vs Gonubie Primary 3-0; vs Komga Junior 3-0; vs Lilyfontein School 2-0; vs Stirling Primary 2-0.
Invitation Team: vs Westering 0-5; vs Summerwood 0-1; vs Clarendon Park 0-3; vs Gonubie Primary 0-2.

A group of biathletes competed in an Eastern Province league event in Port Elizabeth on Saturday 16 September. They ran in cold and wet conditions and were relieved that the swimming was in a heated pool. Relying on their fitness from the winter break, they made a very good start to the biathlon season. Results for this start of the season event were:
Boys U15: Corniel Vorster - 9th (1570)
Boys U19: Ben Kroon - 6th (1375); VC Beldon - 5th (1603); Cameron Muir - 1st (2025)
Girls U17: Jenna McNaughton - 4th (1859); Micela Loock - 2nd (2007)
Girls U19: Sanja du Plessis - 3rd (1851); Candice Russell - 2nd (2025)

Congratulations to the following who have been selected to participate in the Southern Free State Inter-provincial in Bloemfontein on 7 October 2017. Boys U15 Corniel Vorster C team, Boys U19 Cameron Muir A team; VC Beldon C team; Girls U17 Micela Loock A team; Jenna McNaughton B team; Girls U19 Candice Russell A team; Sanja du Plessis B team.

Congratulations to the following hockey players on their achievements at the Inter-provincial Tournaments held during the June holidays: Micela Loock and Jenna McNaughton received silver medals for the Eastern Province Under 16A team, losing to Western Province in a shoot-out in the finals. Kelsey Minnaar captained the Eastern Province Under 18A team to win gold at the IPT, and was also selected for the South African Under 18B team.

The annual Interschools clash will be remembered as one where sport and good sportsmanship emerged the winner. From the start on Monday, on the rugby and hockey fields, as well as in the cultural activities spectators were entertained by the exceptional skill and ability of both schools, and the spirit in which the schools played the game. Most of the junior sport was played on Friday. The 1st Junior Hockey teams played excellent hockey and delighted the crowd with their fine performances in a match that ended in a 2 – 2 draw.

Our tennis players did themselves proud, not only in terms of results, but in how they played the game.

With beautiful sunny weather on Saturday, the crowds were once again blessed with a full day of tough matches. The 1st Team Hockey match was a match to remember with both teams playing aggressive and exciting hockey on the Union Astroturf. Union won this match 5 - 0. At the Botanics Sports Grounds, Volkskool started off the day in style by winning all the junior matches, as well as the U15A and U16A matches. Union responded by winning the U14A match, and one of the most entertaining matches of the day, the 2nd Team match, which was dominated by Union and they managed to win that match 26-10.

All was set for the final match of the day. The 1st XV Rugby match was one of mixed emotions. Union was ahead throughout the match. With the game wrapped up and time elapsed, Volkskool ran in a consolation try with the last play of the game. With both teams having played entertaining rugby, the final score was 23 – 20 to Union.

Interschools is truly alive and well and we look forward to many more encounters in the future. It’s a week where the entire Graaff-Reinet community benefits. Graaff-Reinet is indeed privileged to have two wonderful schools that compete in this manner. We would like to thank our main sponsor FNB, as well as Brian Bands Sports, Supa-Quick and Caltex College Motors. We also say thank you to all the parents and Old Unionites for all their hard work. It is much appreciated.

Brent Hesselink, Aron Erasmus and Kwande Mhlabeni were lucky enough to fly to Sun City to play tennis for the Karoo Tennis Team in a tournament. Their Karoo team was made up of 5 players, 4 from Graaff-Reinet and 1 from Somerset East. They made it all the way to the finals of the tournament and placed second overall. Many thanks must go to Inalise Pienaar for putting the team together and accompanying them to Sun City.

Our 1st and 2nd tennis teams had a successful tour to the annual Marco Wasserman Tennis Tournament in Middelburg. Both teams won their leagues in the tournament.
Results: UHS 1st team (top 4 boys and girls) beat: Middelburg 50/22; Hoër Volkskool 45/27; De Aar 37/35 and an Invitational Men’s Team from Grootfontein (no girls) 40/32.
UHS 2nd team beat: Middelburg 38/18; Hoër Volkskool 46/10; De Aar 41/15 and PJ Olivier 43/13
Congratulations to our tennis players and to Mrs Vorster and Mrs Galloway for taking great care of our boys and girls.

This Special Awards Assembly took place on 28 August. All Junior and Senior sportsmen and women were awarded for excellent performances on the sportsfield. Grade 7 learners who received sports badges will be permitted to wear these badges till the end of the year, but academic badges may be worn in their Grade 8 year.

The 1st Cricket Team participated in the annual Pearson Cricket Festival from 7-9 September and produced pleasing results.

The 1st XI will be attending the annual Cape Schools’ Cricket Week hosted by Grey High School in Port Elizabeth from Friday, 29 September to Tuesday, 3 October and will be playing against Paul Roos, Dale College, Queen’s College and St Andrews School.

Congratulations to Daniel McNaughton on his selection to the Eastern Province Archery Team, which will be competing at National Week in Port Elizabeth from 4 to 7 October. We wish him everything of the best.

Cultural matters
Congratulations to the following learners on winning the Speech Competition in their different categories:
Grade 7: 1st place - Hannah Bodenstein with “Famous Failures”; 2nd place – Matthew Basson with “Famous Failures”
Grade 6: 1st place – Caitrin Spence with “Save our Earth”; 2nd place – Rachael Houseman with “Be your own Pilot”
Grade 5: 1st place – Caytah-Leigh Koeberg with “Our Rainbow Nation”; 2nd place – Camran Swartz with “Weird and Wonderful Pets”

Our Grade 8 and 9 Speech Competition was very well supported. Matthew Light saw to the smooth running of the evening with Seniors Megan Meintjes, Kelly Rose Innes and Abongile Relu serving as adjudicators. Well done to James Rose-Innes who was placed first and to Kyle Luke du Preez who was runner up.

On Tuesday evening, 22 August, Matthew Light, Peter Watermeyer, Abongile Relu, Bavuyise Hermans, Rebecca Langmead and Taylyn Miller participated in the final round of the Annual Speech Competition. The adjudicators commended all the speakers on highly creative speeches which were very well delivered.
Abongile Relu was second and Taylyn Miller was placed first. Well done to all the speakers. The audience also enjoyed a short speech by Mr Derek Light, an accomplished public speaker of note. Mrs Grewar thanks Kelly Rose-Innes for ensuring the smooth running of the programme and also the audience for their excellent behaviour.

Congratulations to the following Union High music students for achieving excellent results in the ABRSM grade 5 theory examinations. Jade Shires and Phoebe-Sue Adonis both gained 78% and Yu-Pei Rong an outstanding 98%!

This term, through a series of outings, the Eco Club is exploring why we, as global citizens, have to minimize our waste. Their first outing this term was to the Graaff-Reinet Landfill Site. The exercise started en route - 15 children aged between 10 and 14 years old made a list of the waste they saw and categorised this list under the following headings: plastic, paper, glass, metal, other. On arrival at the Landfill site, they were pleasantly surprised to see lots of activity taking place as a new pit was being expertly prepared. Viv Scoccia, the site engineer of this project, explained the details of this process to the group. This process needs to be repeated every 2 to 3 years. They were totally shocked at the enormous cost of such a project.

These eco warriors worked on their lists of waste and eliminated all the waste products that could be sent for recycling. After some discussion, it was obvious that all the residents of Graaff-Reinet should be separating their waste and packaging it differently: opaque bag for recyclables and a black bag for other waste, to be collected on different days. The club will be exploring the recycling depot and worm farming as part of this theme.

On Friday 1 September the Eco Club visited John Westcott's worm farm where John showed the club how 'red worms' decompose almost any matter. They love dung, garden and kitchen waste. The Eco Club has been discovering why we need to reduce our waste that goes to the landfill site. They have also learned about Mr Potgieter's recycling centre which collects, sorts and bails waste products. These bails are then transported to recycling centres in the country. The club learned that kitchen and garden waste can be decomposed by red worms and turned into rich compost/potting soil. One of the by-products of worm farming is 'worm tea' - (liquid gold) rich in nitrogen and an excellent plant and soil enhancer. If we sort our waste and contribute towards recycling projects, make a compost heap or worm farm, then we will have minimal waste that has to be deposited at the landfill site. This is everyone's duty, as a landfill project costs millions of rands every few years. Help recycle and decompose waste - each person's efforts count!

The Art Club visited Our Yard and viewed art from various artists. They discussed the use of line, value, texture, and colour in the art on display. They also discussed design principles such as perspective and emphasis.

Congratulations to Grade 6 learners, Jemma Naude, Anna Pringle, Jude Langmead and Brent Hesselink, who have been selected as our Salisbury Exchange learners for 2018 after interviews for Salisbury Exchange pupils for 2017 were held at the end of last term. We will be hosting learners from Salisbury during the first term of 2018. The 2018 GAP students are Kerrin Kingwill and Ross Stanley.

During Assembly on Friday 1 September, we celebrated Arbor Day. The learners were informed about the history and importance of Arbor Day and were asked to help with the planting of two Camdeboo Stinkwood trees. Mr Pringle, a lover of trees, spoke to the learners about the abundant benefits of these indigenous trees and pointed out that by the time the Grade 5s reach Matric, they will be enjoying the blessing of shade provided by these trees. Planting indigenous trees has far-reaching, valuable benefits and the best time to plant a tree is TODAY!

A successful Music Evening was held on 21 September where all those learners who participated in the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music examinations presented their pieces. It was a lovely evening enjoyed by an appreciative audience. We look forward to fine results from our musicians who participated in The Royal Schools of Music Practical Examinations.

Ben Kroon attended the Lexden Leadership Course in Pietermaritzburg for 12 days during the June holiday and did extremely well, and according to his Tutor was the top participant on the course. Not only was he physically stronger and fitter than the majority, but his particular strength lay in helping those who just could not cope. Congratulations, Ben!.

Our junior chess team participated in a chess tournament with Gill College and Cradock Primary on Tuesday 1 August. Our third team played three matches against Cradock, and managed to win 20-16. Many of the games ended in a draw. With more experience and exposure, our players will definitely win more games. The third team player who performed the best was Princess Mcinga who won two matches and drew one. The first and second team played two matches each. They fared very well against Cradock winning 20-4. Our first team struggled against Gill and lost 2-10. They made hasty moves and were unsettled by their focused opponents. The best first team player was Brigette Oelefsen who won both her matches. The second team were better prepared and did very well to beat Gill 10-2. Well done to second team players Amahle Finca, Rachael Houseman, Sesethu Kotishini and Lana Bouwer on winning both their matches. Gill won the tournament with 35 points; UHS came second with 32 points, and Cradock third with 5 points.

On Friday, four of our chess players went to Middelburg to participate in a closed tournament. This tournament was held to determine the ranking of the team from the Chris Hani District, of who would go through to the South African Junior Chess Competition. All our players were selected for the team, with Timothy Dickinson ranked 2nd, Zintle Maki 5th, Liano Naido 6th and Phoebe-Sue Adonis as a reserve.

Hostel Matters
On Thursday, 31 August 2017, Arthur Kingwill House hosted their annual Hostel Supper for the boys and staff at the Tony Burrell Union. The guests were entertained to a Mexican theme, thanks to Mr and Mrs Langmead and Mrs Hesselink. The hostel boys, dressed in their best attire, arrived at the Union where they were treated to a Tex-Mexican Kebab and Coke. The friendly banter amongst all the boys was contagious and not long after they have arrived they were asked to take their seats for the prize-giving.

We wish to congratulate the following learners on their achievements: Jnr Sportsman of the year - Aron Erasmus; Snr Sportsman of the year - Ronan Retief; Jnr General Knowledge Champion - Matthew Ferreira & Jude Langmead; Snr General Knowledge Champion - Ronan Retief; Top Academic Achievements: Gr 5 to 7 - Brent Hesselink; Gr 8 to 9 - Matthew Hesselink; Gr 10-12 - Peter Watermeyer; Service Prizes were awarded to:
Lonwabo Njeje, Matthew Broeksma, Zolisa Dweba, Michael Krige, David Macozoma, All-Rounder Boarder - Peter Watermeyer.

Hostel Superintendent, Mr Donald Kingwill, encouraged the boys and staff alike by showing them a clip by Admiral William McRaven, in which McRaven encourages people to do the simple things in life, starting by making your bed, which will result in you achieving more goals during the day. Four books, titled: MAKE YOUR BED – by Admiral William McRaven were handed out to 4 lucky winners. S’bongakonke Koyingana, and all of the gentlemen at AK House, entertained us in song. This is always a highlight on our calendar.

The evening ended off with the announcement of the 2018 Arthur Kingwill House Prefects: Michael Krige - AKH Head Prefect, Olwethu NgCai, Mtha Mzimba, Litha Manuybe, David Macozoma, Zolisa Dweba, Matthew Broeksma.

The HAH Annual Dinner was held on 22 September and the Queen of Hearts reigned supreme. The girls, smartly and elegantly dressed, behaved like true royalty. The venue had a stylish atmosphere thanks to the tasteful table and wall décor and the menu was delicious and fit for a king. The outgoing Headgirl, Vuyolwethu Magaqa, delivered a moving speech and then the new Headgirl and prefects were announced. Congratulations to 2018 HERBY ARNOTT HOUSE Prefects: Uthimna Somi(Headgirl), Simamkele Desemela (Deputy Headgirl), Phawoluhle Abraham, Bavuyise Hermans, Rebecca Langmead, Yente Retief, Kelly Rose-Innes, Candice Russell and Likho Zwakala. Thank you to governors who attended these functions.

General matters
On 1 August, an Interschool Stock Auction was hosted by CMW. The initiative was well-supported by the local farming community and a percentage of the funds generated were allocated to our school. We are grateful to Mr Phillip Piek of CMW for including us in this event.

This year’s fundraising event is a Trolley Dash, in partnership with Pick ‘n Pay; the first prize is a 3-minute dash through the aisles of Pick ‘n Pay, where the participant fills his/her trolley with whatever their heart desires. All learners have been issued with a raffle sheet to the value of R200 (20 tickets at R10 each). Thank you to all those learners, who have already sold and returned their raffle sheets. We hope that this fundraiser will be a huge success. Some learners’ raffle sheets are still outstanding. Kindly be advised that all raffle sheets must be returned by 9 October, the first day of the 4th term. We thank you in advance for your co-operation and support of this fundraiser.

The girls’ bathroom is undergoing a complete renovation at present. The work will proceed through the September holiday and into the first week or two of the fourth term. Alternative arrangements have been made to accommodate the girls during this time.

All learners are to attend school in summer uniform in Term 4 and must bring their kit for P.T. in their kitbags. Lockers are available to learners in order to safeguard their kitbags and belongings.

RCL MEMBERS 2017 / 2018
Grade 8: James Rose-Innes, Kyle-Luke Du Preez, Hannah Watermeyer, Shayna Japhta
Grade 9: Bowen Langmead, William Kayster, Laeticia Theron, Sakhe Booi
Grade 10: Peter Watermeyer (Treasurer), Bonginkosi Johnson, Taylyn Miller, Jenna McNaughton (Assistant Secretary)
Grade 11: Zolisa Dweba, Cameron Muir (Deputy Chairperson), Rebecca Langmead (Chairperson), Faith MacDonald (Secretary)

Congratulations to the 2018 Prefect Body: Sibongiseni Baatjies, Amanda Brink, Matthew Broeksma, Zolisa Dweba, Matt Harpur, Zita Jacobs, Ikhona Koeberg, Michael Krige, Rebecca Langmead , Faith Macdonald, David Macozoma, Cameron Muir, Yente Retief, Kelly Rose-Innes, and Uthimna Somi.

MySchool raises over R1.7 million every month for schools and charities. Union High has been amongst the top-earning schools in the Eastern Cape thanks to your support. I would like to urge you to register for a MySchool card. The card does not cost you anything and can be accessed on-line at www.myschool.co.za . The download is very quick and very easy. Once you have the card you can swipe it at various shops – Woolworths, Waltons, Supa Quick, Engen, Reggies and others. The school will get between 0.25% and 5% of the value of your purchase. Once again, at no extra cost to you – this is paid by the business involved. May I also ask that, if you have a Woolworths account card, you ask them to link it to Union High School on MySchools. I would like to encourage you do make this little effort as it is a very painless (and cost free) way for you to assist our school fundraising efforts. You would also do well to encourage others (friends, uncles, aunts, etc.) to do the same – the more people we have involved, the more meaningful the fundraising will be.

Governing Body matters
Our school is truly blessed to have parents of this calibre serving its needs and I extend my gratitude to those parents who give so willingly of their time in service of our school.

All parents are informed that the Annual General Meeting, at which the 2017 budget will be presented, will be held in the Tony Burrell Union on Friday 17 November 2017 at 13.00. All parents are encouraged to attend this important occasion. Please regard this as official notification of this meeting.

Important 4th term dates
School re-opens Monday 9 October @ 07.05
Summer uniform is compulsory from the start of the term
Summer school times Mon – Fri: 07:05 – 13:30

A-10 Dinner: 12 October @ 18:00
Valedictory: 13 October @ 11:00
Snr Prizegiving: 20 October @ 18:30
Jnr Prizegiving: 20 October @ 10:00
Remembrance Day Ceremony: 10 November @ 12:00
Annual General Meeting: 17 November @ 13:00 in the Tony Burrell Union
Gr 12 NSC Examinations start: 16 October
Report collection: Wednesday 6 Decemberber @ 08:30 – 09:30

Clothing Shop Hours
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 08:00 – 12:00

I wish all our learners and their families a peaceful and restful holiday. If you are going away, travel safely and thank you for your continued support and the many letters of encouragement we receive as teachers and as a school. We value your feedback, particularly when it is as a result of something well done.

I wish you a wonderful holiday break as you spend quality time with your children.

Yours faithfully