Union High School


Every pupil has the opportunity to join afternoon swimming classes. Our top senior & junior swimmers compete regularly in Karoo galas and on most weekends in galas in Port Elizabeth & Uitenhage.  


A large number of Union swimmers participated in the Annual Gala against Volkskool on Wednesday, 15 February. We await the individual results, BUT it was announced at the gala that Union had come out as the 2017 winners by only 2 points.

In this gala we had swimmers from U8 through to the open events giving of their best and filling the lanes with their green swimming caps.

It was pleasing to see how many were prepared to swim for their school - even though they have a busy sport programme. We hope that the enthusiasm to swim will remain with our swimmers as there is still the Interschools Karoo gala on the 2 March. The team to represent Union will be announced by next week.

Congratulations to all our swimmers, as well as the captains of our swimming team, Paige de la Harpe and Johan Vorster.



On Monday evening our Interhouse Gala was held in perfect conditions in a sparkling pool.
Competition between the two houses was keen throughout the evening. After the first four events Daly, was in the lead but then Arnott took the lead right through to the final event. The final points position was:

Daly - 371  /   Arnott - 520

There were events for swimmers from U/12 through to the open events. The open boys and girls events produced some exciting finishes which were lovely to watch. The only record to be broken was in the Senior Boys Medley Relay where Daly took off nearly 2 seconds from the old record set in 2003.

Well done to all the swimmers who participated, especially those who had to find their costumes at the bottom of their cupboards.

B Age Galas ( 2016/ 2017 Season)

A series of 4 B Age Group Galas were held this season where swimmers from 9 to 19 could swim in their particular age group with the idea to better their personal times. All events are swum over 50m. Swimmers at these galas are normally unregistered swimmers and at these galas hundreds of swimmers from up to 40 schools compete. At the completion of the 4 galas the swimmers with the top 8 times recorded in each age group and each stroke are invited to the TOP 8 GALA where the top swimmers are rewarded with medals.
Results at this seasons galas are:

Date Match
18 February Girls 13yrs
Hannah Bodenstein: 1st Backstroke
Girls 15yrs
Kelly Chester: 4th Freestyle
Jade Shires: 3rd Backstroke
Boys 15yrs
Mack Rubidge: 5th Breastroke
Girls 16yrs
Amanda Brink: 5th Backstroke; 5th Breaststroke
Boys 17/18yrs
Michael Krige: 2nd Breaststroke; 5th Freestyle
Ben Kroon: 2nd Backstroke
Girls 17/18yrs
Candice Russell: 2nd Breaststroke
Elizabeth Murray: 2nd Butterfly; 3rd Backstroke; 2nd Breaststroke; 3rd Freestyle;
Paige Hyland: 1st Backstroke; 1st Breaststroke; 1st Freestyle
Boys 17/18yrs
Gerrit Brink: 3rd Butterfly; 4th Backstroke; 4th Breaststroke; 4th Freestyle
Johan Vorster: 2nd Butterfly; 2nd Backstroke; 5th Breaststroke; 3rd Freestyle
At the end of this gala Union were placed 3rd out of 40 schools.
28 January Boys 14 yrs
James Potgieter: 4th Breaststroke
Girls 14yrs
Kelly Chester: 1st Breaststroke; 1st Freestyle
Jade Shires: 1st Backstroke; 3rd Freestyle
Boys 14yrs
Mack Rubidge: 3rd Butterfly; 3rd Breaststroke; 3rd Freestyle
Boys 16yrs
Michael Krige: 4th Breaststroke; 3rd Freestyle
Boys 16yrs
Ben Kroon: 4th Butterfly; 1st Backstroke
19 November Boys 16yrs
Michael Krige: 4th Breaststroke; 4th Freestyle
Johan Vorster: 2nd Butterfly; 2nd Backstroke; 3rd Breaststroke; 3rd Freestyle
Union were placed 15th out of 43 schools entered at this gala
(Exam time was the reason for few Union swimmers entered at this gala)
29 October Girls 14yrs
Kelly Chester: 2nd Breaststroke; 4th Freestyle
Jade Shires: 3rd Backstroke; 3rd Freestyle
Boys 14yrs
Mack Rubidge: 2nd Butterfly; 2nd Breaststroke; 1st Freestyle
Girls 16yrs
Jenna Harvey: 3rd Butterfly; 4th Breaststroke; 5th Freestyle
Boys 16yrs
Michael Krige: 2nd Breaststroke; 4th Freestyle
Cameron Muir: 4th Backstroke
Boys 17yrs
Johan Vorster: 2nd Butterfly; 1st Backstroke; 2nd Freestyle
Union were placed 5th out of 30 schools entered at this gala